Pastors and Curates of St. Margaret Parish since 1910
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St. Margaret Roman Catholic Church, Lowell, MA

Right Rev. Raymond L. Hyder - Fourth Pastor of St. Margaret Catholic Church in Lowell

During the latter years of Father Galligan's 36 year pastorate, the then curate, Rev. Raymond L. Hyder, now Monsignor and fourth pastor, acted as parish administrator under Father Galligan. Father Hyder, continued in the capacity following the death of Father Galligan and until the appointment of Father Joyce.

During the first years of Father Joyce's pastorate, and under his direction, Father Hyder headed the program for repairs and renovations of all parish property.

In 1951 Father Hyder was named director of the Lowell Catholic Charitable Bureau and assumed, at the same time, his duties as business manager for Academy and Keith Hall.

In 1956 Father Hyder was appointed pastor of St. Patrick's church, mother church of Catholic Lowell.

One year later (1957) he was elevated to the Monsignori by Pope Pius XII.

In the spring of 1958, Monsignor Hyder came back to St. Margaret's church where he had first come as a newly ordained priest in the spring of 1929. He was named by Cardinal Cushing to succeed Father Joyce and become the fourth pastor of St. Margaret's Church.

He came first as a curate in the 18th year of the existence of St. Margaret's parish, and served practically all of his priestly life in St. Margaret's parish.


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