Fr. Pirmin Wendt, O.s.b.


Born: 6/11/1898

Hometown: West Union, MN

Professed: 7/11/19 (21.08 years old)

Ordained: 6/1/24 (25.97 years old)

Died: 8/15/82 (84.18 years old)

First Year in Benedictine Ordo: 1950

Last Year in Benedictine Ordo: 1983


Possible names for Fr. Pirmin Wendt, O.S.B.:

Fr. Pirminius Wendt, Father Pirminius Wendt

Fr. Pirmin Wendt, Father Pirmin Wendt

Fr. Georgius Wendt, Father Georgius Wendt

Fr. George Wendt, Father George Wendt

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