Worcester DA John Conte Zero (0), Worcester Clergy Two (2)
August 30, 2004

A former priest in the Diocese of Worcester the Rev. David L. Blizard, 57 was found innocent of charges of assault and battery of a person over 14 on August 17, 2004 in Brockton Superior Court.

Worcester District Attorney John J. Conte initially investigated but turned the case over to the Plymouth County district attorney because the offense allegedly happened July 25, 1988, in Wareham.

This is the second recent criminal court case that was initiated by an investigation from Worcester District Attorney John J. Conte office, which has resulted in the exoneration at trial. Brother Louis Laperle, was found innocent in Fitchburg district court in March.

In a lawsuit, Robert A. Malo of Worcester alleged that he was sexually abused by Rev. Blizard in 1978 or 1979 as part of a "child sex ring" that operated from the former House of Affirmation in Whitinsville.

Other men have come forward to publicly state they were subject to sexual misconduct by this priest when he was in the Worcester diocese. Were was John Conte and his staff?

Evident is the fact that in the entire 28-year tenure of DA Conte, his staff has never had a conviction of a Worcester dioceses Catholic priest on charges of child rape as a result of a jury trial. Not one (1). Yet DA Conte in his clergy abuse report states fifty seven (57) priests of the Worcester diocese were subject to sexual abuse allegations.

Still there has been no convening of a Grand Jury to investigate the Bishop of Worcester, or its staff.

An October 2003, 51B report on sexual assault of a child was forwarded by the Department of Social Services for prosecution of yet another Worcester diocese Catholic priest, who was subject of other accusations of similar nature, has as of this date failed to reach the prosecution level.

Thirty Seven (37) unnamed Catholic priests still walk the street who's identities are being protected by DA John J. Conte today.