Two More Accuse Former Priest of Sexual Abuse

By Felix Doligosa Jr.
Rocky Mountain News [Denver CO]
September 8, 2005

Gary Wolf said he told nuns and church officials 44 years ago that former priest Harold Robert White was fondling him.

He says no one believed that 11-year-old altar boy.

"I was in Catholic school where you were taught not to lie," Wolf said. "It's hard to believe a young child at that age would lie. There was no lie about it."

Wolf and another person came forward Wednesday alleging sexual assault by White, a former clergyman. Seven lawsuits have been filed against the Archdiocese of Denver in the past month alleging sexual abuse by White.

Wolf, 56, of Denver, and a woman, 46, of Sterling, identified as Jane Doe, filed separate lawsuits against the church in Denver District Court. They claim the archdiocese did not intervene to stop the abuse.

"You don't hide a problem," Wolf said at a news conference. "That's what they (the church) did with White. They hid him."

At least 16 people have made allegations that White molested them while he was a priest, according to Thomas Roberts, the attorney for Wolf.

Calls to the Denver archdiocese were not returned Wednesday.

Wolf claims White sexually abused him while he was an altar boy from 1961 to 1963 at St. Catherine's parish in Denver. St. Catherine's was White's first church assignment and Wolf may have been the first victim of White, according to Roberts.

Wolf said Wednesday the abuse began when White would fondle him as they drove in the clergyman's car. Wolf said White would defend his touching by saying, "That's how God shows his love."

When he told church officials that White was fondling him and other altar boys, Wolf said they did not believe the priest would do anything like that.

"Father White had a penchant for grabbing me and other boys," Wolf said. "He had no problem because no one would believe us."

White, who was ordained in 1960, left the ministry in 1993. He was removed from the priesthood last year, but the details of his dismissal have not been released.

Roberts said the archdiocese knew of White's actions. Wolf is the first to name White in a lawsuit along with the church.

"They all know what they're doing," Wolf said. "It's time for him to pay. It's time for the church to pay."

In another lawsuit, Jane Doe claims White abused her at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Sterling in 1966 and that the abuse continued for two years.

Wolf said he hopes others will come forward about their sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. He hopes justice will be served.

"I believe in God. I sure wished the Catholic Church did," Wolf said.

Cases against ex-priest

People who have filed lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Denver alleging sex abuse by Harold Robert White.

Delbert Nielsen III, 53, claims White sexually abused him at St. Mary's parish in Colorado Springs in 1963.

Greg Roberts, 52, alleges White sexually abused him at the St. Anthony Catholic Church in Sterling from 1965-1967.

Brandon Trask, 49, said White sexually assaulted him at the St. Patrick Church in Minturn in the early 1970s.

Tom Koldeway, 44, claims White sexually assaulted him at St. John the Evangelist parish in Loveland from 1968-1976.

John Doe, 49; allegations are unknown.

Jane Doe, 46, claims White sexually abused her at the St. Anthony Catholic Church in Sterling in 1966.

Gary Wolf, 56, said White sexually abused him at St. Catherine's parish in Denver from 1961-1963. or 303-892-2970