Aretakis Fires Back at Albany Diocese

By Matt C. Abbott
The Conservative Voice
September 9, 2005

Attorney John Aretakis, who has been such a big thorn in the side of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany that the diocese sought and obtained a temporary restraining order against him, is not backing down.

When asked, via e-mail, by yours truly if he had a response to an article in The Empire Journal regarding the aforementioned matter (see:, Aretakis had this to say (slightly edited):

"My client has sued Fr. [Daniel] Maher for sexual abuse and the suit is still pending.

"In July, the diocese's investigator told us a second independent victim has come forward with similar claims against Fr. Maher.

"The diocese says Tom Martin is independent, but then he is found to be secretly following and videotaping me and other victims.

"Bishop Hubbard has been exposed for keeping all the removed pedophile priests on the Church payroll.

"It is a shame how badly the mission of the Church has been hijacked."

The Albany Diocese has had its share of problems for some time; see the following link (PDF) for more information:

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