Paedophile Is 'Pure Evil'

By Stephen Rogers
Irish Examiner
October 11, 2006

OLIVER O'GRADY is every parent's nightmare.The notorious paedophile and former priest, who was last seen in the mid-West, has admitted in a shocking documentary that he is still a danger to young children and he still gets sexually aroused by them.

The convicted sex offender watched children in a playground in Dublin as he told of the years of abuse he inflicted on innocent young people while serving as a priest in America.

O'Grady has admitted to molesting as many as 25 children while a parish priest in California. He served seven years in jail for molesting two brothers.

The 60-year-old was deported to Ireland in 2001 on condition that he abide by strict child abuse prevention measures. However, while he is on the sex offender's register here, his exact location is not known.

The documentary, produced by Amy Berg, which will be released in the US on Friday, describes O'Grady as the "most notorious paedophile in the history of the modern Catholic Church".

According to the filmmakers, his victims ranged from a nine-month-old infant to the mother of another adolescent victim.

O'Grady, a Limerick native, moved to the US in 1971 and from there the 20 years of abuse began.

He has claimed that he himself was molested as a 12-year-old altar boy by a local priest.

The former priest describes the documentary as "the most honest confession of my life".

The filmmakers have described O'Grady's demeanour during filming as "without remorse or self reflection".

Now O'Grady is in the mid-west of Ireland and he is still very much a danger if his words are anything to go by.

"People ask 'do you feel aroused when you see children in their underwear?' and I say 'yeah'," he tells the camera while walking through a playground.

The 60-year-old's frank confessions are the subject of an award winning documentary Deliver Us from Evil. The footage is interspersed with evidence from O'Grady's victims.

One young woman describes what he did to her. "My last memory of Father is severe pain before I blacked out," said Nancy Sloan.

Bob Jyono, father of Ann Jyono, recalls asking his child whether the priest had touched her as a girl. "She said 'yes' and the whole world collapsed."

While the film vividly exposes the actions of the former priest, it is also the Catholic Church hierarchy which comes under fire.

It shows evidence from the deposition of a Cardinal Roger Mahoney, who is alleged to have masked O'Grady's actions by moving him from diocese to diocese.

"He had sexual urges towards nine year olds. Is that cause to have him removed from ministry?" Cardinal Mahoney was asked. He replied: "No."

The cardinal refused to take part in Ms Berg's documentary and the Los Angeles Archdiocese has described the film as an "obvious anti-church hit piece".


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