Retired Alaska Priest Admits Promiscuity

By Megan Baldino
March 27, 2007

Anchorange, Alaska — Father Jim Jacobson, who fathered two children and is accused of raping at least one of their mothers talked openly about his need for sex and using church dollars to pay prostitutes.

Jim Jacobson, 83, admitted his indiscretions in a deposition aired tonight on CNN. He also said the number of women he slept with was higher than the five he initially admitted.

"I'd say maybe seven," Jacobson said. "I would change it to seven."

When asked where he got money to pay prostitutes, Jacobson said he used church funds.

"I had money from donations to the church. I got money from the bishop to run the parish," Jacobson said.

Jacobson, in separate lawsuits, is accused of raping a woman and getting her pregnant in a western Alaska village. DNA testing proves he fathered two children who are now suing him for back child support. There is word there are two more children out there.

Don Slats of Anchorage is one of his children.

"He didn't even know who I was," Slats said in a CNN interview. "From my understanding he didn't even recognize my mom. That's what happens when you turn into a f--- monster. I'm sorry. Too busy raping people; you can't even recognize their faces anymore."

Attorneys for Slats and his mother have repeatedly produced documents that show church leaders knew Jacobson was a problem and did nothing.

Father John Whitney of the Oregon Province of Jesuits, Jacobson's order, said something should've been done.

"He was allowed - and I make no excuses for it - I don't find this a difficult job for me because I find it unconscionable that people weren't more proactive," Whitney said in a CNN interview.

In his deposition Father Jacobson did apologize.

But for Slats, who grew up being called "little preacher," the apology is too little, too late.

"I just wanted everyone to be wrong," Slats said.

Jacobson denies raping anyone and said the sex was consensual.

There is still no resolution in any of the lawsuits naming him, the Jesuits and the Catholic Church as defendants.

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