Names of Accused San Diego Priests

Lompoc Record [San Diego CA]
March 30, 2007

The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego released the names of 38 priests who have been accused of sexual abuse, following up on a pledge that it made when it filed for bankruptcy protection a month ago. Here's a list in alphabetical order, with current status:

• Rev. Gustavo Benson (status unknown);

• James T. Booth (left priesthood, married);

• Monsignor Donald F. Doxie (deceased);

• Monsignor Rudolph Galindo (removed);

• Rev. James Ganahl (removed);

• Rev. Paul Gill (removed);

• Rev. Maximiliano Gomez (presumed deceased);

• Rev. John Keith (deceased);

• Rev. Monsignor William Kraft (deceased);

• Rev. Peter Luque (removed);

• Rev. Malachy McGinn (deceased);

• Patrick McNamara (married);

• Rev. Ricardo Mejia (removed);

• Patrick J. O'Keeffe (laicized);

• Rev. Daniel Polizzi (deceased);

• Rev. Franz Robier (deceased);

• Anthony Rodrigue (laicized);

• Rev. David Roll (removed);

• Rev. Joseph Rossell (deceased);

• Rev. William Savord (deceased);

• Monsignor Gregory Sheridan (deceased);

• Rev. Frank Sierra (removed);

• Monsignor William Spain (removed);

• Rev. Matthew Thompson (deceased);

• Rev. Victor Uboldi (deceased);

• William Valverde (left active ministry).

Priests belonging to other dioceses who worked in San Diego and San Bernardino:

• Rev. Carmelo Baltazar (deceased);

• Rev. Franklyn Becker (removed);

• Rev. James H. Cotter (deceased);

• Rev. Nelson Damasco (deceased);

• Rev. Edito D'Amora (status unknown);

• Rev. Luis De Francisco (unknown);

• Rev. Herman Flynn (deceased);

• Rev. Robert Koerner (deceased);

• Rev. Adalbert Kowalczyk (deceased);

• Rev. Peter Marron (deceased);

• Rev. Victor Marron (deceased);

• Rev. Emmanuel Omemaga (status unknown).

• Rev. John Keith (deceased);


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