Hot on the Trail

Boston Herald [Worcester MA]
May 3, 2007

Below are excerpts of a report by Discreet Investigation Service Inc., a Connecticut private investigator firm hired by alleged priest sex-abuse victim Michael Hodgkins to trail and videotape retired priest John Szantyr. The accused pedophile, 76, has reportedly shown up at court in a wheelchair and his lawyerclaims Szantyr is incompetent to stand trial.

APRIL 6, 2007:

2:15 p.m.: Male subject (Szantyr) walks from door ... to his motor vehicle and leaves the area. Male subject is observed walking without any type of assistance, re: walker etc. Male subject has even gait conducive to his age and weight.

2:30 p.m.: Male subject arrives at (church). Male subject is on his cell phone and smoking a cigarette. Male subject enters church and sits on side.

4:07 p.m.: Male subject exits church and walks to his vehicle, again with no help from any type of walker, etc.

APRIL 27, 2007:

6:34 p.m.: Male subject arrives alone, exits his vehicle, walks to his home, not using any type of walker, crutches, etc.

APRIL 22, 2007:

8:33 a.m.: Male subject walks from his front door, again using no mechanical assistance ... enters his vehicle and drives to (church).

10:01 a.m.: Male subject exits (church), enters his vehicle, then drives directly to his residence.

Source: Discreet Investigation Service Inc. documents


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