With Perpetrators like Mark Falvey and Paul Shanley, There Have to Be More Victims in LA of Predator Priests. Settlement Not the End of the Story

By Kay Ebeling
City of Angels
July 31, 2007

How many people believe there was only one person in Riverside diocese, then part of the LA Archdiocese, raped and sexually demeaned for life by the Rev. Paul Shanley while he was living in Palm Springs in the 1990s? Anyone? Anyone? What about victims of Father Mark Falvey who preyed on children at Blessed Sacrament School in the 1960s and 70s? Do you really think the nine people who quietly settled for $14 million dollars last May were the only victims of Mark Falvey on that Hollywood elementary school playground?

The LA Archdiocese got off so easy with the recent settlement because the stories of 500-plus plaintiffs' experience with priests — the details of how these demonic men mixed religious sacraments with mind-control while raping children over and over again — will now not be told in open court as so many of us were anticipating.

Plus I'm certain there are numerous damaged humans wandering around Los Angeles today who are untreated victims of this crime, with no legal recourse. Many of them are probably a few blocks away from me right now on Santa Monica Boulevard selling their bodies for another night's survival. In all the interviews I've seen about LA plaintiffs, I've never seen one with a homeless prostitute drug addict, which in my observation, is a state many pedophile priest rape crime victims end up living their lives.

Our stories haven't even begun to come out

There are more stories of those of us who survive at a sort of subterranean level.

Flashbacks forever fill my head and thanks to this blog I've found a way to connect them with what's going on today. Lately I've been thinking a lot about a night in the mid-1980s when I was particularly out of my mind drunk and on whatever combination of drugs I'd found that night. I wandered up Sunset Boulevard in the area around the night clubs and bars that used to be called The Strip.

Soon I was in a liquor store and the Iranian guys who ran it could tell I was out of my mind drunk and high. I wandered around looking a lot like Little Annie Fannie in those days.

So the liquor store guys opened this door in the floor and I totally willingly went downstairs into the basement and got gang banged by all of them, I'm not even sure how many. This kind of experience was so ordinary for me in those days that I even at one point took a time out to run upstairs and into the store to get a bag of cashew nuts. (Have lived always with eating disorders as well.)

I post that experience not to brag or beg for sympathy but as a demonstration of what the experience of rape by a Catholic priest at age five or so does to a human being, the damage that goes all the way down to the core of the soul. I walked voluntarily into situations like gang bangs several times in my life almost like I was in a hypnotic state.

That priest in Bartlett, Illinois filled my head at age five with fantasies about having sex with lots of strange men. He was teaching me the sacrament of Confession. At age six I didn't understand what the "impure thoughts" were that we were supposed to confess. So Father Thomas Barry Horne filled my head with his fantasies as an explanation.

And I incorporated those fantasies into my life.

As a result I never experienced anything like what we know of as success in my life.

I was always losing my job for having sex with too many men, or men I barely knew, men in positions of power, or close to men in power or just anybody.


It's hard for me to believe that the well fed well washed individuals that get paraded out to the media as "survivors" at every pedophile priest media event are really demonstrative of the population of priest rape crime victims all over the world.

In the last two years, first posting a lot on message boards then starting this blog, I've met some really screwed up people who were raped by priests as kids, and many of them have never held a job, never had a successful marriage.

And never been able to even get it together to file a civil lawsuit.

A lot of victims still might not even know they have a civil case against the church.

I was looking forward to the trials so these stories would start to come out and be written in the mainstream media. If a person testifies in court it's much more likely to appear in mainstream media.

(All these stories are in the court documents but it's a lot of work to dig up those documents. You can't expect fulltime paid mainstream media reporters to work that hard.)

In LA today Baker and Wempe are among the few perpetrators' names that have appeared in any major media. A few other priests names were spelled out to reporters and then written into news stories after the July 16th settlement.

How many other victims of this crime are out there in LA today? How many had their indoctrination at the hands of an LA archdiocese priest, but they didn't even know the opportunity was there to file a lawsuit?

ESPECIALLY considering some of the cases that were settled.

Consider Paul Shanley and Mark Falvey, after this

ONE PLAINTIFF came forward who was a victim of Rev. Paul Shanley. One. Just One.

In 1990 The famous Boston pedophile aka "hippie priest" for his street outreach work in the psychedelic seventies, Paul Shanley was transferred to a parish in Lake Arrowhead as a "priest in good standing" who has "no problem that would be a concern to your diocese." No one from Boston mentioned the series of anomalies in Shanley's file dating from 1967.

As a part time priest Shanley performed Mass once in a while in Lake Arrowhead and his official residence was the St. Anne's rectory. But Shanley spent most his time at the gay motel The Cabana Club that he owned with his predator pervert priest partner Jack White.

The one, count them, one plaintiff in the LA cases who filed a lawsuit because of Paul Shanley said that the priest encouraged him to have sex with as many men as possible out there by the pool and surrounding alleys near the Cabana Club in Palm Springs.

Do you believe for one minute that there is only one crime victim in Southern California with a case regarding Paul Shanley? Has anyone ever gone to Palm Springs and wandered the streets interviewing people and asking them if they remember Shanley and do they know of any children that he raped while he plundered through Palm Springs in the 1990s?

(I'd go with a video camera and find the whole story and post it here as a video blog, someday)

The priest with candy in his vestment pockets, after this.

Then there is the case of Mark Falvey who was priest and teacher in the 1960s and 70s at a Hollywood Catholic institution on Sunset Boulevard, the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, and its adjacent elementary school. According to a complaint filed in 2003 by plaintiff attorney Venus Soltan, Falvey "took a special interest in select boys, most of them small for their age."

Falvey "Made himself well liked among students" reads the original complaint.

He carried candy in his vestment pockets. Falvey would encourage children attending Defendant Doe 2 (Blessed Sacrament School) to put their hands in his pockets to get the candy. "Falvey would often encourage the children to do this even though he no longer had candy in his pockets as a ploy to be touched by children near genitals," reads one original complaint.

There MUST be more cases of abuse by Mark Falvey.

On May 17 of this year the Jesuits announced they were paying $14 million dollars to nine plaintiffs. Falvey's case hadn't even gone into discovery and they paid out $14 million to nine people.

To shut them up?

Has anyone ever heard anything more about Father Mark Falvey? Now that the trials are canceled, we probably won't.

What about all the other children who spent time with Father Falvey in the hundred year old halls and crevices of Blessed Sacrament Church on Sunset Boulevard in the middle of Hollywood when Falvey served the church in the 1960s and 1970s?

I have a real strong gut feeling there are more than nine victims of Mark Falvey wandering around LA today.

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