Bad Moves: Addendum
A Paper Trail through the Orange Diocese's Darkest Episode

By Gustavo Arellano
Orange County Weekly
September 27, 2007

1. 1988 letter by Urell to the Franciscan superiors of Gary Pacheco, alerting them that the Orange diocese no longer wanted him after fielding a molestation allegation against him.

2. 1987 letter from Urell to Eleuterio Ramos. The priest was in Tijuana after admitting to molesting a teenage boy while at Anaheimıs St. Anthony Claret in 1985, just one of the more than 25 children he molested in the Orange and Los Angeles diocese over a 20-year career.

3. 1993 letter by Urell asking Tijuana Bishop Emilio Berlie to remove Ramos from a childrenıs ministry.

4. Check by Urell to pay for therapy of Ramos victim.

5. 2001 Urell note to a psychologist complaining that her treatment of a Ramos victim "could be at odds with the Catholic Church moral teachings in the way you might suggest that [the victim] deal with this issue, which, in itself, if experienced outside of the marriage bond, is contrary to our

Church teaching."

6.Urell e-mail complaining that a Ramos victim was "getting the best help he can at $140 per hour."

7. 2001 note by a psychologist treating a Ramos victim to Urell stating she was "deeply impressed by the churchıs willingness to make reparation to [the victim] by paying for his therapy without any intervention of the judicial system (a process which [the victim] wants to avoid)."

8.Notes from a 1993 conversation, between Urell and a mother who claimed Michael Pecharich molested her son in the 1970s.

9. 1996 notes where Pecharich confesses to Urell he previously molested a boy during the 1980s.

10. Follow-up notes between Urell and Pecharich victim where Urell claims the diocese contacted Child Protective Services. Pecharich wasn't removed from the ministry until 2002.


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