Don Sante Dice Messa Davanti a 5 Fedelissimi

Il Gazzettino
November 5, 2007


Rev. Sante celebrated Mass in front of 5 very close faithful

The community of Monterosso is still under shock, especially among Rev. Sante Sguotti's followers, because of the package the priest received last Friday containing four bullets meant for him, for his lover and her child plus an additional one to be used in case one of the three bullets missed the target. Rev. Sante said the climate created by the bishop and the Rev. Giovanni Brusegan was favorable to encourage mad people to really do what for the time being is only a menace. Rev. Brusegan answered by saying they always tried reconciliation and it is Rev. Sante's unclear response to very precise questions which has impeded any accord.

Rev. Sante held a kind of counter-Mass, defying his suspension a divinis decreed by the bishop. This could appear to be defiance to the official church, a celebration made by a sect happening at the same moment in which the official ceremony was held in the church by Rev. Brusegan. Five people attended and received Communion. The gesture of the rebel priest, according to many, will inevitably bring excommunication to him and to the five people who attended his Mass. In fact, Rev. Brusegan stated: "The church will take action against Rev. Sante and against those persons who have attended this pseudo-ceremony. This gesture makes him as an autonomous actor which makes an autonomous ceremony with no authorization."

Today, Rev. Sante will start to work as truck driver.


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