Giuliani's Best Buddies
The Far Left Press Happily Ignores Rudy Giuliani's Fun-Loving Cross-Dressing and His Support of Abortion. These, after All, Are " Liberal" Attitudes

By Judith Reisman
WorldNet Daily
November 15, 2007

However, on Nov. 10, New York Times columnist Gail Collins writing on "Rudy and Bernie: B.F.F.'s," asks if Americans want a president who "values loyalty above all else."

She answers: No! "Loyalty is a terribly important consideration if you're choosing a pet, but not a Cabinet member."

In fact, whom the president trusts can become a matter of life or death.

Within the last year, Rudy stood before the TV cameras defending Bernard Kerik and Monsignor Alan Placa, two devoted friends accused of unconscionable crimes.

Kerik had magically matriculated from Rudy's mayoral chauffeur to commissioner of the New York Police Department, a partner in Rudy's consulting firm and Rudy's nominee to President Bush for director of the Department of Homeland Security.


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