No Date Yet for Salesians Trial So Reading about Mahony's Lies under Oath, Predators in Confessionals, Priests Who Skin Cats Alive — I Need a Break

By Kay Ebeling
City of Angels
November 19, 2007

The Salesians cases November 5 jury trial still has no trial date and if that sounds Alice in Wonderland to you, it's regular MO for the Salesians, according to Joey Piscitelli who battled the religious order in 2006 in San Francisco.

"Haven't you noticed," Piscitelli said, "there were hundreds of cases in LA that settled without even beginning depositions, those orders just accepted the agreement and settled, but not the Salesians.

"They take depositions of your cousins, uncles, parents, grandparents, grade school teachers, and they try over and over again to get the case dismissed."

When I called the court clerk November 6th, he said, "Oh that case is trailing, it happens all the time. They're just waiting for a room to open up." When I called last week his answer was more like, I have no idea what's going on. So I called Joey.

"They're stalling," he said. "The first court date I had was in 2004, they postponed it to 2005. There were three different dates in 2005 that got postponed and then two different court dates in 2006 and then it finally went to trial.

"Any reason to drag it out, any reason to postpone," he said as his signal was fading.

"They don't want a settlement," Joey said, "they want to take on each plaintiff, and they spend as much money as possible fighting and filing motions."

"There's no limit to what the Salesians will spend to fight a victim," Joey said and then I lost his signal.

What happened to the blog the last few weeks?

I had ten word files going at once developing stories for this blog. The McGuire File: the Jesuit who now faces federal charges in Chicago held retreats all over the country including LA and Orange County. Father Donald McGuire was your plain vanilla pedophile back in the 1960s. But when the Catholic Church allowed him to get away with his blatant flagrantes over and over again, he got brave and pushed it to the limits. By the the 1990s he was raping little boys at family weddings where he'd just officiated, and creating victims in several states as conducted retreats all over the world.

McGuire's travel agreement was to always have an adolescent male companion who assisted him even sleeping with him in his bedroom. What does it take for someone in Catholic Church hierarchy to notice criminal behavior?

McGuire got to many of his victims through the Confessional which is one way my perp got to me in Illinois in 1955, as did George Neville Rucker in LA in the seventies.


This blog has not forgotten you

Rucker, who preyed in South Central LA, also took little girls and boys behind the altar where, as the original complaints filed in 2003 and settled last summer read, his victims remember statues of saints glaring down at them as they were being raped.

Some say using the confessional to prey on a target is more than pedophilia, it's also sacramental abuse, or to push the line further, ritual abuse.

So I dug in my notes and called back a few people and now I have three women, one in Ohio, one in Pennsylvania, and one in California whose stories include several priests in black robes skinning a cat alive —

Skinning a cat alive? To frighten their target? As two woman remember it, as they skinned the cat they said, "This is what we'll do to you if you talk."

Ritual abuse seems to be rooted in Pennsylvania, Ohio, other woodsy areas.

My Perp Father Thomas Barry Horne came to Illinois by way of Pennsylvania in the 1940s.

All this stuff was whizzing through my head, plus there's a strike rattling my job security at work.

I'm trying to write all these stories at once clicking to bishopaccountability about ten times an hour trying to keep straight which perp is in which city which years —

And I crashed, FMS flare up — pain all over the body haven't been able to move now for a couple weeks. It's okay though


Since the Salesians Religious Order trial is still "trailing," maybe someone upstairs wants me to take a break for a few weeks. Or if Joey is right, two years before the Salesians cases finally begin jury selection.

Some Roger Mahony testimony after this:

I'm trying to get smart on the crimes of Father Titian Miani whose victims brought the complaint that led to this trial, five years later, that trial still is trailing as of a phone call I just made to Superior Court Dept 20.

I'm reading about Titian Miani and I find myself buried in trial testimony by Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles — the man of God who blatantly lies under oath.

Q. Cardinal, when is the first time in your

12 entire life, as a layperson, as a deacon, as a priest,

13 that you ever heard of a cleric molesting a child?

14 A. The the best of my recollection would be in 1981.

Oh come on, Mahony, how could you rise from priest to bishop in California and not hear about priests' inappropriate contact with children, when there have been thousands of cases settled and paid for by your own Church?

Father Roger Mahony was a social worker in Fresno before he went hierarchical; this guy is lying so outrageously why didn't the DA do anything about this perjury?

20 Q. When is the next time in your career as an

21 Ordinary, Your Eminence, that you had a priest in a

22 diocese that you were in charge of molest a child?

23 A. The next time, to the best of my recollection,

24 was sometime in the early part of 1984.

With priests bringing boys into seminary rectories up and down the Coast, Mahony never heard of another pedophile priest for three more years?

Mr. Mahony, you took an oath to God before you told that lie.


2 Q. Your Eminence, my question is a little simpler

3 than that. I probably didn't articulate it well.

4 Did you conduct any kind of investigation or

5 inquiry upon finding out the accusation against

6 Father Munoz?

7 A. No, because Father Munoz was in Tijuana; he

8 was not in the Stockton diocese at the time.

Thank you for being so proactive.


For the entire text of Deposition of Cardinal Roger Mahony November 23, 2004, go to

He's not my cardinal.

Maybe Mahony's the one who sicced Snidely Whiplash West on me and my daughter. After this:

I'm reading about Titian Jim Miani and trying to track down Jesus "Jesse" Armando Dominguez whose cases are set for trial January 28, 2008, another priest who escaped to Mexico, a Salesian this time.

Glad I didn't have to raise my kids in Mexico.

Meanwhile my landlord, Snidely Whiplash West is in his Beverly Hills high rise office scheming up reasons to put my daughter and I out of our apartment as soon as possible so he can raise the rent by 50 percent and cash in on the post-fires rental disaster that's happening in LA right now.

All this at once, and oh, yeah, the holidays, and I end up sick.

Damn PTSD induced body weirdness that so many priest rape victims live with. Sometimes no matter how many long deep breaths you take you can't fight back the pain. I'm crippled totally, can't walk — haven't left my block in weeks.

Last week I beat myself up a while for not posting anything in so long. Now it's this week and I'm still sick and that's just the way it is. This is all there is for now.

In November 2006 I went to blogger dot com, but could not follow the instructions to start a blog at all. Then January 2007, I went back to try again.

Over the holidays last year Google bought Blogger and created Blogspot with Dashboard. So in January 2007 it only took me ten minutes and three clicks to start this blog. I put my personal story up first at

For about 13 years I'd been trying to write my own story but couldn't figure out who was the audience. Then I got on blogspot and just told my story to the world. Once I got it out one last time I left it there at cityofangels1 and never went back.

Then I wandered down to Superior Court to see what was going on in the civil cases pretrial hearings and covered a motion to dismiss on January 16, 2007, and the rest is history.

Or the rest is pre-history.

Imagine what we can do here in 2008.

I have no idea where the blog is going in 2008.

Soon I will have a digital camera and a travel budget so I can go around the country documenting stories and posting them as video blogs.

I have to get past this PTSD-FMS flare in time to cover the Salesians trials when they finally take place.

So I'm resting. Probably won't post again until after Thanksgiving, but wanted to check in, say thank you to everyone who emails me and encourages me to keep writing.

City of Angels Blog hasn't even been here a year. I think it's okay if I take a short break. I never put up a post unless I'm moved to, so until I get moved again. . .

Oh that's part of the story of the blog. Every single one of these posts since January 16, 2007, has written itself. I'd just open a document and see what was there and it would jump up at me.

Well this week nothing is jumping up at me, other than low fat turkey stuffing recipes.

Right, low fat stuffing. . . denial, anyone?

More to come. . .


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