If You Can't Covet Your Neighbor's Wife, Is Your Brother's Ok?

November 20, 2007

This has been a really bad week for D.E. Paulk, the head pastor at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester Church (a megachurch outside of Atlanta). The church at which he is head pastor has been engulfed in a series of sex scandals due to the actions of his uncle and, to a lesser degree his father. Only — whoops — it turns out the two men were kind of hard to tell apart (at least for his mother).

See, way back in 1973, D.E.'s "Uncle" Earl was banging his mother, Clariece, who was (unfortunately) married to D.E.'s "father" Don. It was the seventies, though, so who knows who knew what about whom back then — though, probably the parishioners of the church, which was founded in 1960, didn't know. Why did this all come up now? That's even juicier.

Earl and Don got around a little, and tended to use their female parishioners as a dating pool. And, by dating, we mean Earl and Don tended to coerce women into sex by telling them it was the path to salvation. In 1989 (when he was 62), Earl told his employee Mona Brewer that the only path to salvation for her was through his dick, and they commenced a 14 year affair. She, eventually, sued. In 2006, he gave a deposition that he'd never had sex outside his marriage and, in effect, challenged Mona's lawyers to prove otherwise. They then compelled DNA samples from Earl, Don and D.E. andů suddenly Dad was Uncle Don and Uncle Earl was Dad.

While Earl and Don seem like creepy old men that get whatever (if anything) is coming to them from the lawsuit and Earl's perjury charge, D.E. just seems sort of shocked and horrified at the way his life suddenly turned out. I guess I can kind of relate to that.


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