IL Paese Sotto Shock Don Brusegan: «Basta Con Le Doppie Veritą» I Parrocchiani: «Ora Se NE Vada Per Sempre»

Il Gazzettino
December 10, 2007

The town is in shock, said the Rev. Brusegan: "We have enough with double truths." The parishioners: "Now he must go for good'


Those words "The child is mine and soon we would like to have a second one" didn't leave at all unruffled the parishioners of Monterosso. With the exception of the "Rev. Sante's boys," that is those very faithful to the former parish priest of Monterosso who would never contradict "their spiritual guide," the community of Monterosso is still in shock. For it's one thing, the report of gossip and "rumors," another is to learn that their parish priest is the father of a child and that (contrarily to the sworn statements made by the same Rev. Sante in the church) he knew a woman as "biblically" intended.

In that small town of Monterosso there was yesterday, a little after the live TV show Buona Domenica, a contrasting feeling. Because on one hand the faithful can't deny that Rev. Sante did a lot for the community, but on the other hand they can't justify such a behavior. "It's time he disappears for good," an elderly lady commented. "He made our community suffer too much and now this revelation will hurt us more. It was better he had gone earlier." The choice to become a father isn't in fact so devoid of pain as Rev. Sante described to the TV audience of Buona Domenica. "He is acting against the church," explained the Rev. Giovanni Brusegan, the "provisory" parish priest of Monterosso. "Now he can't continue anymore with this double truths, he must assume his own responsibilities". Even if that could mean an excommunication, one would think," he said. "If he continues to celebrate the Eucharist or confession (even privately)," continued Rev. Giovanni, "It would be like a policeman continuing to use his pistol after he was fired." And to be astonished by the stubbornness of the former parish priest is first of all Bishop Antonio Mattiazzo. During his pastoral visit last week the bishop went in fact to knock at the door of the rectory. It's hard to imagine his sourness mixed to surprise when to open the door was one of Rev. Sante's faithful. "Is it right the bishop can't have the keys of a parish which instead can be kept by a girl?" That was the comment of the bishop.


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