Trial Preparations and Full Explanations

January 13, 2008

As Tom Monaghan and his Ave Maria generals (including Collier Co. CEO Paul Marinielli) prepare to be deposed, a few things are worth remembering:

In a July 20 2007 interview on Fox 2 News (Detroit), AMSL Dean Bernard Dobranski said that Tom Monaghan was informed of what transpired when the Law School offered computer help to a local priest investigated for child pornography (see BoysCherries series; hear audio). According to Fox, Monaghan's Law School chose not to share the findings of its internal "investigation" with police "claiming privacy and no fresh information".

That said, Mr. Monaghan should be considered by everyone to be a fully informed participant in the BoysCherries incident. We give him no wiggle room for claiming lack of understanding of all that transpired. We trust that he was fully aware of the fact that at least one of his Ave Maria College employees was, according to police reports, in direct contact with the priest's pornographic hard drive. In the upcoming trial's fact finding, if anything comes out showing inconsistency, falsehood, half-truths, or more extensive involvement of previously named or unnamed individuals, we will hold Mr. Monaghan responsible for (a) not offering a complete explanation of the events and (b) denying the police their right to investigate matters for themselves. It will be deeply problematic for Monaghan if there is any whiff that what transpired was more than what was publicly disclosed; given the seriousness of the matter, a cloud of distrust will hover over Monaghan in all things Ave Maria, including his Town.

An explanation remains open as to how the priest and his parish supporter - both of whom lacked computer technical skill - garnered the instructions and skill to remove the pornographic drive and to install/format the brand new hard drive.

Before the trial starts, it is also worth considering Dean Dobranski's boundless tolerance for the outrageous public remarks made week after week by his "buddy" AMSL Chaplain Fr. Michael Orsi (1,2,3,4)... and compare that to Dobranski's harsh and abrupt termination of tenured founding professor Steve Safranek based, supposedly, on thin and misleading reasons. Remember, it was Orsi who invited the BoysCherries scandal upon the Law School... and it was Orsi who, according to reports, never even bothered to tell the Dean about the incident until after Dobranski was informed by another source.

Dobranski's seemingly insurmountable task is to put lipstick on the obviously ugly mug of arbitrary employee treatment, as typified by where Orsi and Safranek are today. There isn't enough makeup at a Marco Island community meeting to coverup that boss hog.


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