Priests Who Asked Braxton to Resign Are Identified

By George Pawlaczyk
Belleville News-Democrat
March 17, 2008

The names of 46 priests who signed a letter asking Belleville Bishop Edward K. Braxton to resign were released today.

On Friday, the list, which represents about 60 percent of the active priests in the diocese but also includes seven retired priests, asked Braxton to step down, "...for his own good, for the good of the diocese and for the good of the presbyterate," or priests.

Bishop Edward K. Braxton

Braxton was criticized for misusing about $17,100 in restricted funds he used to buy new ceremonial garments and new office furniture and for not communicating with priests. Regarding the misuse of funds, he publicly apologized and said the money will be repaid from other funds.

Braxton could not be reached for comment. But at a Mass he gave on Sunday at St. Peter Cathedral in Belleville, parishioners said they heard the bishop end his homily by apparently referring to the call to resign.

Parishioner Kelly Casey said she heard him say, "Things are not as they seem. Things are not as they seem."

And parishioner Gloria Schwartz, said she heard him say, "Things are not as they appear. Things are not as they appear."

Priests of the Belleville Diocese supporting the statement adopted at the Germantown meeting of priests last Wednesday, and released to the public Friday:

1) Rev. Msgr. James A. Buerster 2) Rev. Msgr. Donald W. Eichenseer

3) Rev. Msgr. Thomas D. Flach

4) Rev. Msgr. Jerome D. Hartlein

5) Rev. Msgr. Vincent A. Haselhorst

6) Rev. Msgr. William J. Hitpas

7) Rev. Msgr. Kenneth J. Schaefer

8) Rev. Msgr. Carl E. Scherrer

9) Rev. Msgr. Marvin C. Volk

10) Rev. Msgr. Bernard L. Voss

11) Very Rev. Robert B. Flannery

12) Very Rev. Thomas H. Stout

13) Rev. Brian M. Barker

14) Rev. Donald A. Blaes

15) Rev. David L. Braun

16) Rev. Richard L. Daly

17) Rev. James R. Dougherty

18) Rev. Henry J. Fischer

19) Rev. John W. Frerker

20) Rev. J. Clyde Grogan

21) Rev. Gary P. Gummersheimer

22) Rev. Leo J. Hayes

23) Rev. Gerald R. Hechenberger

24) Rev. Stephen J. Humphrey

25) Rev. Wilbert J. Iffert

26) Rev. John J. Joyce

27) Rev. Roger Vermalen Karban

28) Rev. Louis A. Koehr

29) Rev. Donald J. Lenzini

30) Rev. George A. Mauck

31) Rev. Richard G. Mohr

32) Rev. James M. Nall

33) Rev. Eugene J. Neff

34) Rev. Patrick N. Peter

35) Rev. Joseph C. Rascher

36) Rev. William J. Rowe

37) Rev. Stephen A. Rudolphi

38) Rev. Edward F. Schaefer

39) Rev. Mark D. Stec

40) Rev. Joseph L. Trapp

41) Rev. Charles W. Tuttle

42) Rev. David A. Voelker

43) Rev. James A. Voelker

44) Rev. Dennis F. Voss

45) Rev. Jerry E. Wirth

46) Rev. Eugene Wojcik


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