Texas Pastor Resigns after Involvement in Gay Porn Site Exposed

By Michael Baggot
May 14, 2008

MCKINNEY, TX, - Yesterday evening, Fr. Mallinson resigned from his new position as pastor after the Dallas Diocese received numerous complaints about his involvement in a prominent, pornographic online network for actively homosexual priests and religious.

As reported yesterday, Dallas Bishop Kevin Farrell appointed Fr. Mallinson the pastor of the newly constructed St. Michael's Parish in McKinney, Texas, despite the priest's previous connection with the infamous St. Sebastian's Angels (SSA) website.

As his own diocese confirmed, Fr. Mallinson's picture appeared on the now-defunct SSA site, which included lewd comments, pornographic images, and insults against Pope John Paul II and then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Dallas Diocese spokeswoman Annette Gonzales-Taylor told that SSA's original intent was to support priests and religious in living chastity and that Fr. Mallinson ceased involvement in the group in 2001 due to the site's turn towards immoral content.

However, as Stephen Brady pointed out to, a 2001 departure would have given Fr. Mallinson more than a year's activity with a site that Brady's Roman Catholic Faithful organization exposed as pornographic in September 1999.

Shortly after Fr. Mallinson's appointment, Catholic author Barbara Kralis encouraged readers to contact the Bishop in a Sunday column for Additional press coverage followed Kralis's exhortation and led to a flood of messages to Bishop Farrell's Chancery.

Kralis expressed her thanks yesterday for those involved in covering McKinney controversy.

"We need to be grateful to Channel 8 TV Dallas' Steve Stoler, to John-Henry Weston and Michael Baggot of LifeSite, to Catholic Citizens of Illinois, to Robert Kumpel and his blogspot StJohnsValdosta and to Steve Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful for the interviews he gave the media."

"You were the one who broke the camel's back with your coverage of the

Mallinson scandal," Kralis told in a separate message of thanks.

Kralis also expressed sorrow that the duty to address Fr. Mallinson's appointment required so much involvement from the laity.

"The Bishop had to do what he should have done in the first place. It's sad that we, the laity, have to correct the clergy, but remember, Canon Law gives us that right and duty. Spiritual Works of Mercy. They're not fun to do, but they are the most important of all works."

Kralis also encouraged prayers for Fr. Mallinson.

"We pray for Art Mallinson and for his conversion, for his soul's eternal salvation through chastity."


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