Appeal from SNAP Mexico

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
June 18, 2008


Joaquin and I are working with a group of Senators and Federal Deputies in updating the criminal statues as they relate to child sexual abuse, pedophilia and child pornography. Our hopes are to introduce some legislation along with 300 other Community Based Organizations by the beginning of summer.


We are looking for:

1) Laws written in different states/countries that address the elimination of the Statute of Limitations on child sex abuse, pedophilia and child pornography (I heard something about the statute work in Ireland/Australia/Canada?)

2) Tort systems set up in the last decade to address the issue against religious and community organizations

3) Definition of "pedophilia"

4) Clinical Studies of age when victims first realize the effects of child sexual abuse (Canada/US/Australia/Ireland???)

We are also organizing an international conference in Mexico City in October of this year, before the session of congress goes on break in November, to address the issue and provide some background and support to the proposals we make.

We are working with a strong collaborative, but need more support, guidance and legal background.

Please pass this along to other organizations/contacts in other countries.

On behalf of the survivors and children in Mexico, we thank you!

Eric Barragan

Joaquin Aguilar


805-617-3502 - Mexico Office (VONAGE-from the US)

805-207-7424 - Eric's US Cell Phone

55-1993-3681 - Eric's Mexico Cell Phone


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