Orlandi: Witness, Was Taken on Orders by Marcinkus

June 23, 2008

Allegedly Emanuela Orlandi was taken by Renatino De Pedis who was acting on behalf of monsignor Marcinkus, who at the time presided the IOR. This is one of the revelations made by a super witness on the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi while talking to detectives of the special investigations tea, on March 14. Agi learnt that, when specifically asked the question as to who had asked Renato to pick up the girl, the witness replied: "through the IOR... that monsignor Marcinkus.. Renato would occasionally confide". As for the reasons for the kidnapping, she added: "I think that they were tracing back to… because for me she wasn't taken for ransom, she was taken for a purpose. I'm saying monsignor Marcinkus because I don't know who is behind it all… but I met him at dinner with Renato... They took Emanuela to send a message to someone". The witness emphasises that she does not know who effectively took Emanuela. "What I know is that (the decision, ed's note) came from the top… like monsignor Marcinkus... It is as though they wanted to send a message to someone above them. It was all the fuss that the news would have raised". The woman also compares the event to the death of Roberto Calvi: "they found hands tied behind the back, because someone is sending a message". In later talks, on March 19, the woman added: "Renato, from what he told me, was interested in doing business with Marcinkus because he would place the money from ransoms on foreign accounts".


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