Pell "Failed to Defrock Abusing Priest"

Special Broadcasting Service

July 9, 2008

It's been revealed the Catholic Church failed to defrock Father Terrence Goodall, despite concluding he was a paederast.

News limited says that a 2003 letter to Cardinal Pell from the director of the church's Professional Standards Office, Michael Salmon, warned him of Goodall's behaviour.

But despite the letter and Goodall's conviction the church has yet to defrock the priest.

Sydney Archbishop George Pell. (AAP)

A spokesman for Cardinal Pell says Goodall had been stood aside from religious duties in 2003.

However News claims Goodall continued to perform duties beyond 2003.

It says it has evidence that Goodall delivered the opening prayer at a Kogarah Municipal Council meeting in 2004.

Pell 'dismissed sex abuse complaint'

Meanwhile, new documents show Cardinal Pell had dismissed a sex abuse complaint against Father Goodall because he gave weight to the priest's claim the encounter was consensual.

Letters obtained by the ABC and aired on Monday showed Cardinal Pell told Anthony Jones, who had complained of being sexually assaulted by Father Goodall, that his complaint could not be upheld because the church was not aware of any other complaints.

But another letter shows Cardinal Pell was aware of a second allegation against Father Goodall and last night the ABC revealed yet another letter, which showed why Cardinal Pell dismissed Mr Jones' complaint because he gave weight to Father Goodall's side of the story.

The ABC also revealed an internal church report which found Father Goodall had had sexual encounters with a 16-year-old female.

'Pope apology pointless'

Mr Jones says he wants Cardinal Pell to resign over his actions during the church investigation into his assault.

But he says any apology from the Pope to Australian victims of abuse will be pointless.

Mr Jones, a former Catholic educator, was sexually abused by Father Goodall in 1982 and has suffered two mental breakdowns.

Pope Benedict arrives in Sydney on Sunday for World Youth Day, with an expectation he'll make an apology on behalf of clergy who have sexually abused Australians.


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