Pastor Rapes Girl to Death inside Church

By Evelyn Usman

August 16, 2008

The gory sight of nine-year-old Covenant Elijah in one of the rooms of a church in Iyana-Era area of Badagry Lagos, was not only mind blowing but ear-tingling. A teeming sympathetic crowd had quickly gathered with eyes bugling to behold the lifeless, violated body of an innocent girl whose mother, out of determination to find a spiritual solution to her daughter’s strange behaviour, only ended up in the claws of the devil himself, thereby sending her not just only to an untimely grave but with an untold torture and excruciating pains which could only be imagined than described.

Covenant’s unprepared journey to the land of the great beyond started few years after her mother Mrs Arit Bassey, reportedly noticed some strange behaviour in her. Efforts to proffer a lasting solution, saw her taking her daughter from one spiritual home to the other, until she landed at Miracle Deliverance Church International, where to her greatest shock, rather than living up to its name, the reverse was the case, as Covenant was found stone dead in the pastor’s room naked, with blood gushing out of her virgina.

Crime Guard investigation revealed that the unsuspecting mother was introduced to the Edo State-born Pastor Henry Ovotoka by one Essi, a member of the church, last month. The clergy man reportedly asked that the child be brought for deliverance with an assurance that all would be well at the end of the deliverance exercise. Mrs Bassey then left the church after the visit with a resolve to bring her daughter, little knowing that her predicament then was nothing compared to what awaited her.

On July 25th 2008, a Friday to be precise, the desperate mother, in the company of Essi, reportedly set out for the journey that unknown to her will spell doom for the family. Later in her confessional statement to the police, Mrs. Bassey said the pastor started praying in tongues as soon as they got to the church. According to her, “At a point, he stopped after two hours of praying and said my daughter was possessed. He asked if Covenant had eaten and I answered in the negative.

He said it was even better so that she could start a three-day fasting that would usher her to the deliverance proper. He claimed he was acting under the instruction of God. By then it was getting late and it looked as if it was going to rain.

“Since the Pastor insisted that the prayer and fasting period would be done in the church, I decided to rush home to pack some of my clothes and other perishable things I left outside. But when I got home, it was too late for me to go back. Therefore I called Essi, the Lady that introduced me to the Pastor to give my daughter wrapper with which to cover herself, with a promise to check on her the next day.”

Crime Guard learnt that she was unable to make it the next day being July 26th. Then on the third day, with great expectation that all was going to be over, she made for the church to take her daughter but to her greatest shock, she did not see both the Pastor and her daughter.

Being a Sunday, some of the worshipers had started assembling on the open plot of land used as prayer ground. The perplexed mother narrated: “At that point, I became curious and went to Essi’s house to enquire about the Pastor. She tried him on his phone but there was no response. All we heard was that the phone was switched off.”

Apprehension set in at that point and she reportedly rushed to Ijaniki police division to alert them of the disappearance of her daughter. A policeman was said to have followed Mrs Bassey, who was weeping and at the same time praying for the worst not to happen. But the heaven at that moment seemed to be silent, as the rudest shock of her life occurred at the church, when the policeman reportedly broke the wooden door of one of the rooms, only to be thrown off balance by the sight on the floor.

Right on the floor was Covenant Elijah who could barely be recognized . She was reportedly found stark naked with clot of blood in her virgina, stone dead! The agonizing cries of Mrs Bassey as she kept on shouting ‘Jesus‘ rent the air. This alerted some worshipers who also exclaimed in their different dialects and ran out of the room upon sighting the lifeless remains of the nine-year-old Convenant. But Pastor Ovotoka was no where to be found. Even as you read this story, the Police are still making frantic efforts to trace him.

Crime Guard reliably gathered that preliminary investigation suggested that the late Covenant died of exhaustive sex while the clot of blood from her virgina indicated forceful and deep penetration. It was also discovered that she took no food during her stay with the self acclaimed man of God.

Ironically, the owner of the land used as church is also a member of the church and he also witnessed the gory incident. Unfortunately, the Police felt that he has some explanations to make over the ugly incident and subsequently arrested him. He is currently being detained at the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Panti, alongside Essi, the woman that introduced Covenant’s mother to the randy pastor.


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