Must Read: Letter to Beaumont (TX) Bishop Guillory

Voice from the Desert
September 10, 2008

Received via email, 9.10.2008.

Published with the author’s permission.

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Bishop Guillory,

Diocese of Beaumont, Texas

Dear Bishop Guillory,

Sir, I wanted to write this letter straight from me to you.  No attorneys, no middle-men (Michael Jamail) …just the two of us. Fair enough? Firstly, I would like to explain to you that I am in NO WAY angry, or upset with you for skating out of your responsibility to me and my family.  I am disappointed, but that’s ok, I’ve had lots of disappointments in my life lately and I am certain I will have many more.  So, please understand that this letter is NOT written in anger or bitterness.  Ok?

Bishop, I would like for you to understand something sir, and I would like for you to understand it clearly.

In or around July of 1969, I WAS sexually molested at the St. Pius X Rectory in Beaumont Texas by the then Asst. Pastor; Ernest Dale Calhoun.  I was 15 years old at the time.  Now, sir weather or not you believe that is totally irrelevant to me at this time.  Two years ago, the Roman Catholic Faithful and SNAP administered a polygraph to me WHICH I PASSED with FLYING COLORS. I have that documentation ANY time you might like to see it, although I won’t hold my breath. I read your lawyer’s response and it is crystal clear that both of you are basically calling me a LIAR.  You don’t really believe that Dale Calhoun molested me….do you? Your lawyer’s letter could not have been clear. I read it, my wife read it, my brother, my daughter, and most painfully…my 84 year old devout Catholic Mother.  She would love to speak with you one day…although again, I won’t hold my breath that such a meeting would ever occur.

You know, because of my strict Catholic upbringing, it took me a while to figure out… but I finally realized that; although you wear the title of Bishop, actually, you are FIRST and FOREMOST a “business man”…the CEO of a for profit Organization called “The Diocese of Beaumont.”  Again, I mean that with all due respect sir, but let’s just be honest with one another, that’s truly the way it is...isn’t it?

Bishops don’t hide behind attorneys, CEO’s do. Bishops don’t attack and call their parishioners LIARS, CEO’s do.  Bishops don’t skate out of their responsibility to a soul.  CEO’s do that.  I also realize that it is not “safe” or financially expedient for you and The Diocese of Beaumont to “admit” publicly that this molestation actually happened to me.  The reason is simply because in doing so, you would run the risk of dealing with any potential backlash should your parishioners begin to ask questions…wouldn’t you?  Questions such as; “why didn’t our Diocese do something to stop this PREDATOR when he was here in Beaumont back in 1969?? I understand that completely sir. 

So, for that and other reasons, you and your attorneys must deny that it actually occurred. You are forced to play my mother and me off as “opportunists” or “gold-diggers.” Aren’t you? I mean, again, that’s what CEO’s do to protect their Company…isn’t it?  

God forbid you should actually assume your role as Bishop and accept your responsibility. I understand completely.  Because if you were to do that, it could potentially cost you some money!!  Which in turn would “reflect negatively on your bottom line and balance sheet…wouldn’t it?  So, it is much “safer” for you to adopt that CEO role and simply “deny – deny – deny.”  Right? 

Let me ask sir;Do you believe that Jesus Christ would do what YOU are doing in this situation?”  Do you believe that He would hide behind his attorneysduck & dodge jump through any and every tiny LEAGLE LOOP-HOLE that HE could find in order to escape HIS responsibility to a soul?  Do you really?  I mean, as a Catholic I was always taught that the local Bishop as well as the Pope were the Vicars of Jesus Christ here on earth? Don’t you consider yourself the Vicar of Christ? Or is that “CEO” title more applicable?  Let me ask you this sir; do you believe that one day you will stand before the Righteous Father in Judgment? “Do you evenbelieve” in the Judgment?  Do you believe what the Apostle Paul said in 2nd Corinthians 5:11 “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him for the things done while in the body, whether good or >BAD.

I wonder, what you will you say when He asks you about this situation?  Who knows…perhaps you don’t really believe that you will actually stand before Him one day? That’s between you and The Lord God. 

I know this much though, I know that when I stand before Him, while I am sure I will have many things to answer for in my own life, but on THIS oneI won’t even “flinch” should He asks ME about this situation. Perhaps you feel I am being a bit melodramatic? That’s ok, I will take my chances…will you take yours?

Bishop, do you understand what it is like to be sexually molested sir?  If you don’t, let me explain it to you.  When you’re raped at 15 years of age, things happen inside of your mind and spirit. You’re confused, you’re hurt, you’re all mixed up inside. You don’t know weather or not you should tell someone…or weather you should just say nothing?  In fact, you’re really not even certain that it wasn’t YOUR fault?  You think to yourself, surely he wouldn’t have asked me to do anything that wasn’t “Godly.”  I mean, after all…he’s a priest and MY BEST FRIEND!   So, it must be MY fault. 

Let me ask you this; do you know what it’s like to have to tell your 80 yr old MOTHER that you were molested by THE SAME MAN that SHE let in the house?  This is the same precious Mother who scrimped and saved to pay my tuition of $22 per month so that I could attend Catholic school. Why don’t you give her a call sometime and talk to her to about it? Tell her how you and your attorneys are FORCED to call us liars and gold-diggers in order to protect the Diocese of Beaumont. Call her…and let me know what she says!  Can you imagine how SHE feels now?  How about having to tell your 18 yr old SON when he hears about it?  How about answering “that” question when he looks at his Dad with tears in his eyes upon hearing that his Dad was molested as a child. I know that of course you have no children and thus it may be difficult for you to understand how a son looks at his father.  But just so that you know…I was my son’s HERO.  I was everything in life that HE wanted to be. He told me constantly. Imagine how he felt when he learned that his Dad was molested by a pervert priest?  Would you like to know?  He was 18 when he learned of it from his Mother.  He came to me with tears in his eyes, saying; “Dad I love you, and I am sorry I couldn’t have been there for you.”  By the way, that’s the same 18 yr old son… who will drop DEAD 7 years later in his bedroom.  So, do you think that’s something YOU could do?  How about your 24 year old daughter?  Could you tell her?  Well, I had to just that. Want to know how she felt?  I didn’t think so! Why don’t you give her a call one day and explain to her how her Daddy is a LIAR?

How about your childhood sweetheart and wife of 31 years?  When we are in our private moments as a married couple…do you think it runs through her mind? Can you imagine how she feels to see you calling me a LIAR?  You and your attorneys NEVER considered all of those things when you wrote your letter to me….did you?  Hell, who am I fooling?  You probably NEVER even READ the letter from your attorneys to me.

In addition to Calhoun’s molestation of ME, I sometimes wonder if you ever think about all of the damage that Calhoun did after leaving Beaumont. You “are” aware of the countless little boys that he molested after the Diocese of Beaumont DID NOTHING.  You know about those….right?  You’re aware of how he almost single-handedly “bankrupted” the Diocese of Yakima…ALL because of the FAILURE of the Diocese of Beaumont to STOP HIM!  You do know about that, right?  

And lets be honest, the Diocese of Beaumont knew full well that this pathetic individual was a SEXUAL PREDATOR.  You know it, I know it, Michael Jamail and John Distefano KNEW IT!

Forget about me, how do you feel about all of “those” young boys now dealing with this nightmare in their lives?  Of course don’t forget about their PARENTS and their CHILDREN.  They have to deal with it as well.  All because the Diocese of Beaumont chose to “look the other way” and deny it, EXACTLY as YOU are doing RIGHT NOW!…Looking the other way, denying it,…and hoping I’ll just go away.   Oh well, again, we both know… that’s what CEO’s do.

Oh!!  But I know what you can do to make it all better, remember what you offered to do for me in our face-to-face meeting as I was sitting there in front of your desk with tears in my eyes?  You offered to “say a Mass for me!  Now, why didn’t I think of that?  

Well that will fix everything!!!    Thank you again for at least reading my letter.


Kenny R. Scarborough

Beaumont, TX. 77706


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