He Tracks His Perp Priest to a Residence in Italy and Italian Media Run with the Story. One Survivor Weilding So Much Power from His New England Home

By Kay Ebeling
City of Angels
September 15, 2008

Bill Nash started his campaign to defrock Fr. James Tully as a result of comments made by the Pope this year, says the pedophile priest assault survivor pictured at right. (Docs from his investigation are scanned in below, click to enlarge.) In the US and in Australia last year, the pope said: "No pedophile should be able to be a priest."

Although Fr. James Tully plead down to disorderly conduct after his 1992 arrest, he is still a pedophile and he is still "Father" Tully, Nash has said in five press conferences since the Pope's April USA visit. Not only is Tully still a priest, but Nash has gone online and found that the Xaverian residence in Italy, where Tully currently lives, hosts programs for children pretty often:

"At Christmas they put on a nativity story," Nash says, "aimed at a child audience. On January 13th the dioceses of Vicenza held a Youth Diocesan Synod in his residence, in April Youth Mission Day, with four hundred in attendance." In other words, James Tully, pedophile priest, pictured below, is in close proximity to children pretty often, where he's living in Vicenza, Italy.

Above you can see Fr. James Tully, admitted pedophile priest, strolling in his new locale, Vicenze, Italy, with "constant supervision." See all the supervision? He looks like he's really suffering, doesn't he, with that contented stomach and look on his face.


"They should not have had four hundred kids (400 kids) in Tully's residence last April," Nash said.

Nash has found a mound of evidence about James Tully pedophile priest, and many of those documents are scanned into this post below. So readers can click them, enlarge them, print them, read them, and save them in the stack to take to our local congressional offices on City of Angels National Guerrila Document Dump day early next year.


While I was talking to Nash, the movie Goodfellas was on TV in my room, with the audio muted. With closed captioning of classic Goodfellas type dialogue flashing across the screen as Nash spoke, they began to intertwine. . .


Nash is gathering evidence, many of those documents are posted here so City of Angels Network readers can click them, enlarge them, read them, print them:

The Smoking Gun:

At right is a copy of what Nash calls the smoking gun where Rev. Bob Maloney, head of the Xaverian Order in the United States admits in writing that Father James Tully is an ephebophile. Click to enlarge:

At right on Page two you can read this quote: "Persons like Jim Tully fall into the categories of ephebophiles, and we should inform their supervisors and the victims."

"Last week I got my hands on the criminal file of Jim Tully," Nash said. "I just called the Milwaukee Courthouse and asked for it, sent them ten dollars and they sent it."


Nash has found the affidavit, shown at right, click to enlarge, where Tully admits he is an ephebophile in plea bargain, saying: "I am pleading no contest because I understand what I am charged with and believe I would be found guilty."


He has a letter, uploaded into the image below, from Institute for Living where Tully went for pedophile priest treatment. "In the letter the psychotherapist said Tully has never denied responsibility for his sexual behavior but realizes the effect it has on others."


"I wrote a third letter back to Rome," Nash says. "I have written three letters to the Vatican so far."

Lies the Bishops Told Him

Ten years after the incidents with Tully, Nash reported it to the order.

"They reassured me they already knew about him and they'd sent him to a treatment place," Nash said. "That was in 1998. I left feeling like a million bucks." He got a settlement, $75 thousand, in 2005.

When the Boston stories broke, Nash says the provincial in New Jersey from Tully's religious order, the Xaverians, placed an unsolicited phone call to Nash.


Goodfellas: Paulie never took a phone call himself. He had a system where other guys took the calls and relayed the messages.


"In 2002 the Provincial from New Jersey calls me," Nash says, "to tell me they were sending Tully to work in the archives at a parish in Italy, in a place where he would not have any contact with young people."

Nash lives about two hours' drive west of Boston where he says in 2002, there was almost a "witchhunt" atmosphere hundreds of priests being charged as pedophiles all at once.

"The provincial thought I was watching the news and thinking about my own case, and I wasn't even paying attention. I thought I'd done my responsibility by reporting."


Goodfellas: He should have kept his mouth shut.


"The provincial said, can we leave your name out of the record," Nash said of that first 2002 phone call.

"At first I said yes as I had a lot of respect for the order after being part of it so many years as a teenager."

But Nash thought about it and decided different:

"I called him back a few days later though, and said no, keep my name and the crimes in the record, because everything he did to me was the same pattern of behavior, the seduction was the same with me as with the person whose experience led to his arrest."

Tully had pled no contest to charges in 1992, about a year and a half after Nash left the seminary in disgust after being raped by Tully.

"I said keep my name in the record, because it might help someone else. I thought I'd done my responsibility by reporting."


GOODFELLAS: I want you to go to Tampa take care of a few things.


Nash said, "The provincial wanted to drive out to come see me. At 9 AM next day he was at my house, the provincial, to put a fire out.

"I told him to keep my name in the record."

"He drove all the way out there to talk me out of staying on the record.

"He says well Rocco didn't know and he says I never told Rocco and I never wrote anything down about what you told me.

"I said how could you not tell anyone?"

"The provincial says, now he's gotta go to New Jersey to see the supervisors at the Provincial house.

"He was asking how do you get to New Jersey from here."


On Goodfellas: We had it all just for the asking. Anything I wanted was a phone call away, the key to hideout flats all over the country.


So the Xaverian provincial gets directions to the provincial house in New Jersey and leaves Nash's living room.

"The provincial that came to my house in 2002 to put my fire out, what he told me, he ignited me further."

The provincial took off to go see his bosses in Jersey.

"He left making me all these promises and he asks me what can I do to make this right.

"I said talk to hierarchy.

"I was furious after he left, I trusted him to do something about it."

Nash got in touch with the head man in Chicago, where he was heading up a little operation, you know.

"I said, you know what I'm going to call Rocco myself. I called him in Chicago where he was running a theology program.

"I told him the whole story including that Jim Tully was arrested after I left and Rocco says, oh I'm SO sorry."


ME: I'm thinking which one of these stories in my living room is about gangsters?

Goodfellas on Lifetime?

Or Nash's narrative about James Tully and the bishops who aided and abetted him.


Nash spends hours at his laptop or desktop, in one of the many rooms of his house that is being taken over by document searches. Nash says, "Just go to google dot IT and it gives me an Italian search engine, or through yahoo. "Then I type in Padre James Tully. If you're persistent and go down 20 pages or so, you'll find something else.

"I use different search engines, google is great but they're not the only ones. Different search engines pull up different combinations of information."

Nash lives in a small town in Western Massachusetts. He works in one of the rooms of his Victorian home, where he also runs a business to make a living, "There is a little river a minute and a half walk from my house and trees outside the window."

There have been several stories in Il Vicenza and other Italian newspapers.

A blogger in Italy picked up Nash's story, and Il Prometeo, an Italian advocacy group concerning pedophiles linked here:

got so involved they've now invited Nash to come as their guest to their annual conference in November, to tell the story of how he tracked down his perpetrator living a leisurely life in Vincensa, from Nash's home-office in western Massachusetts.

Nash has been written up in numerous TV and News programs in the United States and in Italy. See below:

Nash continues to find stories about Tully in Italian press based on his press conferences in the USA like the ones above and below. Nash is doing it all from the rooms of his western Massachusetts home.

Imagine how much a hundred of us could do, putting in the same effort.


Last line of Goodfellas:

"We ran everything. We paid off cops, we paid off lawyers, we paid off judges.

Now I can't even get decent food,

The other day I ordered spaghetti marinara and I got egg noodles and ketchup."

Father Tully and the rest of them should have it so bad. . .

Onward. . .


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