Had Enough of Unaccountable Bishops? So Have We!

Send the Bishops a Message
October 9, 2008

UNITED STATES — Catholic Church officials are not protecting our children adequately. They are not providing good stewardship of our hard-earned donations.

Members of the hierarchy have not accepted responsibility for their grave moral failures in the clergy sex abuse crisis. They repeatedly "apologize," but never admit covering up sex crimes against children. The pope comes to the U.S., says the right words, and gets good press, but nothing of substance changes.

Bishops and other church officials still protect clerical sexual predators, thus putting our children at risk. Bishops have yet to express the desire or demonstrate the capability to manage Church finances using sound principles of transparency (openness) and good stewardship. Cardinals and bishops have shown no sign of their willingness to change.

If you agree, you've come to the right website. Welcome.

We need to let the bishops know, in a unified voice, that they have lost our trust.

We urge all good Catholics to join with others of like mind to

Send the Bishops a Message by

withholding cash donations on designated “Withholding Sundays."

Cash donations include cash and cash equivalents (checks, money orders, credit cards)

For Catholics, there are no elections, recall procedures, or impeachment processes that allow us to replace those who govern poorly.

Withholding donations is the best way for a disenfranchised laity to send, with one voice, a message to church officials in the only language they understand—MONEY!  

We understand that many Catholics will find it culturally and psychologically difficult to withhold cash donations. However, consider what will happen if we don’t. If we fail to use the power we have, the power of money, which is the strong language of the real world, we will have more abuse, more scandal, and more financial mismanagement. Can we afford to put more children at risk? Can we afford to have more parishes close because of financial mismanagement by a secretive, unresponsive, unjust system of governance?

By exercising the power of the purse, and checkbook, good and thoughtful Catholics can band together on Withholding Sundays to send the hierarchy a unified message:

Business as usual will no longer be tolerated.

We urge Catholics to be more generous than ever, but to give to institutions that help the victims of childhood sexual abuse and work to prevent the future sexual abuse of children.

We are not opposing doctrine or dogma.

We want our kids safe. We want the money we donate to be managed without secrecy according to the principles of good stewardship, accountability, and transparency. You can vote for the safety of children and financial accountability and transparency by closing your purse and checkbook on Withholding Sundays.

Our Objectives

  • To make Catholics aware that they have the power to change Church governing policies by selectively withholding cash donations
  • To give Catholics an opportunity to speak with a strong united voice
  • To send a message to the bishops that business as usual—abusing our children, covering up these crimes, putting children at risk by shielding criminal priests, and mismanaging financial resources—will no longer be tolerated 

Our Website

Our website provides the focal point for information about our campaign and coalition. The website:

  • Identifies campaign sponsors
  • Answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) and addresses concerns
  • Provides the opportunity to offer feedback, anonymously if you wish, about the amount of cash donations you withheld, the date it was withheld, and your diocese
  • Presents a suggestion box to suggest improvements and a survey form to provide feedback to the sponsors 
  • Permits you to sign up for our newsletter, which is delivered by email
  • Will provide applicable stories about specific parishes and dioceses


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