Hate Pedo-priests, Catholics? Then Don't Tithe This Sunday

By Gustavo Arellano
Orange County Weekly

November 11, 2008

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Had lunch at Norm's in SanTana yesterday with Tucson resident. Frank Douglas, who writes Voice from the Desert, a blog regarding the Catholic Church's sex-abuse scandal. He was in Southern California to hold a press conference regarding a new effort by the faithful to get the Church hierarchy out of the Medieval Ages and into the present: Send the Bishops a Message, which urges Catholics to not tithe this Sunday as a way of expressing their furor in having to bail out dioceses across the country for their pedo-protecting ways. It's a noble effort, and the people behind the movement not only won't make a dime off of it, they're taking extra caution in not offending their brother and sister Catholics and urging them to try something alien to the Catholic Church hierarchy: democracy. Our advice to local Catholics is to withhold ALL funds until Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown moves out of his multimillion-dollar SanTana home, but that's why we're heathens, we guess.



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