Open Letter to a Rebel US Priest

By Peter DeRosa
November 29, 2008

I hear Rome has given you 30 days to repent or you'll be excommunicated.

I was threatened a couple of times with suspension from priestly office but you've been blacked-out completely. Not even Communion.

Own up. Did you scheme to nuke the Vatican or shoot the Pope? You sure you simply said the Church is sexist by refusing to ordain women?

That's rough, especially as you're 69 and this matter hasn't been defined. Also, most Catholics, including Mrs Schwarzenegger, agree with you.

I know you're a human rights activist and Rome didn't give you a chance to defend yourself. That must hurt. But there's only one side to any question in the Vatican and it's not yours, Roy.

Remember JPII forbade Catholics even to think about women priests. The arguments Benedict gives for why God won't let women be ordained have as many holes as a string vest. But he is pope.

I realise your daily mass-going dad who is 95 was a worry. I was touched to hear what he said at your family meeting.

"God brought Roy back from the war in Vietnam. God took care of Roy in his mission work in Bolivia and El Salvador and brought him home safely. And God is going to take care of Roy now. He's doing the right thing, and I support him."

Finally, Roy, if you and your old dad are excommunicated, you'll be in good company. High priests wanted rid of Jesus too -- for blasphemy.


Peter DeRosa


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