Links Found in Angelika Kluk Case Helped Cops Nail Peter Tobin for Vicky Hamilton Murder

By Jack Mathieson
Glasgow Daily Record

December 3, 2008

THEY grew up 1000 miles apart. Had they lived, they would probably never have met.

But in death, Vicky Hamilton and Angelika Kluk are united forever - as victims of the savagery of Peter Tobin.

And as Angelika's family grieve for her back home in Poland, they at least know today that the horror she endured at Tobin's hands helped secure his conviction for murdering Vicky.

It was the police team investigating Angelika's murder who first noticed that Tobin was living in Bathgate at the time Vicky vanished in 1991.

The lead, uncovered during checks into the predator's background, was passed on to a "cold case" team working on the Hamilton inquiry.

It gave them a whole new focus. And after Tobin was convicted in May last year of Angelika's rape and murder, he became the Vicky team's prime suspect.

They searched his home in the West Lothian town. And in the far corner of the loft, they discovered the knife he used to cut Vicky's body in two after killing her.

Tobin had raped and strangled Vicky, just as he did with Angelika 15 years later.

He wrapped the bodies of both girls in bin bags.

And he dumped them both like pieces of rubbish - Vicky in the back garden of his new home in Margate, Kent, and Angelika under the floorboards of a Catholic church in Glasgow.

Angelika, a 23-year-old student, was living at the chapel house at St Patrick's Church in Anderston while she worked in the city to raise cash to fund her studies in her homeland.

Tobin, calling himself Pat McLaughlin, was working at the church as a handyman. He had moved back to Scotland after serving 10 years in an English jail for a horrific sex attack on two girls in Hampshire.

No one at St Patrick's had any idea about Tobin's record. And in September 2006, Angelika trustingly agreed to help him paint a garage at the church.

Tobin, left alone with a defenceless young girl, did what he always did.

The attack he launched on Angelika was frenzied, brutal and merciless.

He battered her repeatedly over the head with a wooden table leg, bound and gagged her, stabbed her 19 times and raped her as she lay on the floor in a pool of blood.

When he was finished with Angelika, he wrapped her body, dragged it into the church and hid it in a void under the floor near the confessional.

Tobin's trial heard suggestions that his victim might still have been alive when he dumped her.

Angelika went missing on September 24. Her body was not found until September 29.

By then, Tobin had fled to London, using another assumed name. He checked into hospital, claiming to have heart trouble, but was recognised and brought back to Glasgow to face justice.

As he did this year at Vicky's trial, Tobin refused to admit anything. He wanted the entertainment of watching the Crown trying to prove his guilt.

In his defence, he insulted Angelika's memory by claiming that she had consented to sex with him and had then been murdered by someone else.

Defence counsel Donald Findlay QC, who would go on to represent Tobin again at his trial for murdering Vicky, spent much of his time trying to convince the jury that others could have been involved in killing Angelika.

He tore into the priest at St Patrick's, Father Gerry Nugent, a drunken womaniser who claimed to have had sex with the victim.

Nugent was later found guilty of contempt of court for the evasive answers he gave in the witness box.

Mr Findlay also tried to point the finger at a hard-drinking homeless man who often visited St Patrick's. And he suggested to Angelika's married lover, chauffeur Martin MacAskill, that he might have feared his wife Annie, was somehow implicated in the crime.

The jury didn't believe a word of it. They took just three and a half hours to unanimously find Tobin guilty.

Angelika's sister, Aneta, thanked them for giving her family justice.

Judge Lord Menzies jailed the beast for life with a minimum term of 21 years.

He told Tobin: "It is clear from your record that you are a danger to women and aserial sex offender.

"In my time in the law, I have seen many bad men and heard evidence about many terrible crimes.

"But I have heard no case more tragic, more terrible than this one.

"What you did to Angelika Kluk was in human. To bind her hands, gag her so tightly that her face was misshapen when her body was found.

"To rape her, beat her about the head repeatedly with a table leg, fracturing her skull, stab her repeatedly about her chest and body and then drag her through the church and dump her body under the floorboards as such rubbish.

"All this shows utter contempt and disdain for the life of an innocent young woman with her whole life ahead of her.

"You are, in my view, an evil man."

Tobin, his face twisted with rage, kicked out viciously at a press photographer as he was led from the High Court in Edinburgh in handcuffs to be taken to jail.

The conviction allowed the police investigating Vicky's disappearance to escalate their inquiries into Tobin.

And when they found Vicky's DNA on the knife in his loft, the officers, led by retired Detective Superintendent Bert Swanson, knew they had their killer. Tobin was first interviewed about Vicky in July 2007.

True to form, he spent four hours doing all he could to frustrate the cops.

But even he must have known by then that he was running out of time.

Three months later, Vicky's remains were found in the garden of the Margate house, and Tobin's fate was sealed.

Vicky's family watched yesterday as Tobin was caged for at least 30 years.

And afterwards, they remembered Angelika's loved ones.

Vicky's sister Lindsay Brown, 24, said: "We would like to take the opportunity to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Angelika Kluk.

"They are in our thoughts today, as it was only after her death that we found out what had happened to our sister.

"We know only too well the hurt and grief they will have suffered."


AUGUST 27, 1946: Peter Tobin born in Thornhill Hospital, Johnstone, Renfrewshire, second child of Daniel, an engineer, and Marjorie, who have eight kids and live at Thorneybank Square, Renfrew. Later moved to Croft Place in the town and then to Maitland Place. Tobin attends St James' Primary, Renfrew, then St Aelred's High, Paisley.

1965: Tobin's criminal record begins with a minor conviction.

1966-69: Tobin works as a chef in a boarding house at 86 Hill Street, Glasgow, and lives in Shettleston.

1969: Marries Margaret Mountney,18, in Brighton but she leaves him within three years.

1970: Tobin convicted and jailed for burglary and forgery in England.

1973: Marries nurse Sylvia Jefferies, 30, in Brighton. She leaves him after three years.

1989: Now a "lagger", who travels the country fitting insulation panels in buildings, Tobin weds Cathy Wilson,19, in Brighton.

In 1988 Cathy gives birth to Daniel. The family move to Bathgate after wedding.

FEBRUARY 10, 1991: Vicky Hamilton,15, goes missing after waiting for a bus to take her home to Redding, near Falkirk. Days later, Vicky's purse is found in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh. More than 7000 people are interviewed and TV appeals are made.

MARCH 1991: Tobin leaves Bathgate to live in Margate, Kent, for nine months.

DECEMBER 1991: Believed to move from Margate to Southsea.

JANUARY 1993: Vicky's mum, Jeanette, dies of heart failure without knowing her daughter's fate. The family say she died from a broken heart.

AUGUST 1993: Tobin is living with son Daniel in Portsmouth. Plies two babysitters with drink and drugs then rapes one girl and assaults her pal.

1994: Tobin pleads guilty at Winchester Crown Court to sex attack on the two 14-year-olds. Jailed for 14 years.

1997: Vicky's photo appears on milk cartons as police hope to keep the investigation alive.

MAY 2004: Tobin out of prison on licence and placed on sex offenders' register. Moves to Paisley.

DECEMBER 2004: Visits police at Renfrew to say he is now living at Brown Street, Paisley.

OCTOBER 2005: He attacks Cheryl McLachlan,23, in a flat in Paisley. The beast produced a knife and pounced as they watched football together on TV. Police wait until next day to raid his flat but Tobin has fled and is on the run.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2006: Polish student Angelika Kluk,23, last seen in the grounds of St Patrick's Church in Anderston, Glasgow.

SEPTEMBER 27: Angelika's sister Aneta,28, appeals for information. SEPTEMBER 28: Police release picture of "Pat McLaughlin", an odd-job man thought to be the last person to see Angelika. Victim Cheryl sees it and tells police the man they are looking for is Tobin.

SEPTEMBER 29: Body found in church where Angelika was last seen.

OCTOBER 1: Body is identified as Angelika and police confirm Tobin is wanted in connection with her death. Arrested in London hospital, using another alias, claiming chest pains after nurse sees picture on TV.

OCTOBER 7: Tobin is formally charged with the murder of Angelika.

MARCH 23, 2007: Trial begins in Edinburgh.

MAY 4: Tobin found guilty of raping and murdering Angelika and jailed for 21 years.

MAY 17: Police take a mouth swab from Daniel Tobin, which shows link between him and Vicky's purse.

JUNE 4: Police begin a search for Vicky's DNA at a house in Bathgate where Tobin used to live.

JUNE 5: "Dagger-style knife" found in loft.

JUNE 11: Vicky's skin found on knife.

JULY 21: Tobin charged with abduction of Vicky.

NOVEMBER 12: Search of Tobin's former house in Margate begins.

NOVEMBER 13: Remains of girl found buried in the back garden.

NOVEMBER 14: Body is that of Vicky.

NOVEMBER 15: Tobin appears at court for murder of Vicky.

NOVEMBER 21: Tobin attacked in Saughton jail by fellow inmate who breaks his nose and cheek.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2008: Denies murder and abduction.

NOVEMBER 3: Trial at High Court in Dundee begins.

DECEMBER 2: Jurors take just 150 minutes to find him guilty.


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