Picketers Protest in Front of Charleston Diocese

By Tracey Amick
December 8, 2008

[with video]

(WCSC) CHARLESTON SC - Larry Mullen says they want the Diocese of Charleston to pay the 1. 375 million dollars owed to 11 victims of past abuse. A case was settled with those 11 victims back in August of 2007, granting them that money, once 2 conditions were met.

Protesters picket the diocese (VIDEO)

The completion of the class action claims process, and a 100,000 payment from the class action attorney, Larry Richter.

But on March 6th another lawsuit was filed against the Diocese for breach of contract. The Diocese says that was premature considering neither of the conditions for dispersing the money had been met.

"Condition one hadn't happened and condition 2 the money from Richter hadn't happened, so since neither had happened the 1.375 wasn't payable", Spokesman Steve Gadjosik said.

Gadjosik says it took until April 28th 2008 for both conditions to be met. So one month after the lawsuit was filed the money could have been paid, but now that lawsuit is blocking them.

"It's still a suit pertaining to this agreement, it's still binding up the agreement", Gadjosik said.

Mullen is the 12th plaintiff in the Breach of Contract lawsuit, listed as John Doe B. Gadjosik says that's interesting since his case was settled back in 2005.

"John Doe B had a case resolved by the Diocese and was procluded from the initial agreement in August and any future actions", Gadjosik said.

Mullen says they just want the payment, so we asked why he was part of an action that now seems to have blocked the payment.

The Diocese has filed a motion to enforce the settlement agreement in Dorchester County and has asked the court to sanction attorney Gregg Meyers and his co-counsel for filing the breach of contract lawsuit, and for not abiding by the terms of the agreement


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