It Takes Five Minutes to Come up with Solution to Catholic Church Crisis of Crime Victims

By Kay Ebeling
City of Angels

December 8, 2008

In this morning's Abuse Tracker I read this:

WASHINGTON DC: "Catholic bishops must make safe environment programs and reaching out to those hurt by sexual abuse by clergy priority issues, said Bishop Blase Cupich, new chair of the bishops' Committee on the Protection of Children and Young People." (Last update: 9:41 a.m. EST Dec. 8, 2008 PRNewswire-USNewswire.)

I can give Bishop Blase some suggestions.

Perpetrator priests went off to sanctuary type environments, rural retreat acreage set aside for their “recovery” at the same time many pedophile / sexual predator priest assault survivors are trying to get therapy through the government or uninformed insurance programs, having little or no success getting to see therapists who do not understand our specific issues once or twice a month, let alone long term care.

Just treat the crime victims with the same concern you gave to the priests.

Survivors need recovery centers as lush or more luxurious than anything the Catholic Church set up for perpetrator priests. For example, the land that used to be Servants of the Paracletes in Jemez Springs, New Mexico. That property where hundreds of pedophile priests spent months and years at a time in "treatment" could be redeveloped for survivors in western states to go to.



I'm sure there are other survivors out there who feel they need long term therapy, in a serene environment, like so much of the property owned by the Catholic Church.

There’s the Salesians campground property near Santa Cruz, acreage right on the ocean.

The Franciscans are going to be out of business soon in Santa Barbara and they have the old mission and property surrounding it, on the Pacific Ocean.

There’s a nice little retreat in Hollywood just below the Hollywood sign. If you go up Gower Street above Franklin you pass a Cross that used to be visible all over the city, today just from the alleyway that is Gower Street north of Franklin. There are two or three nuns living on that Hollywood proptery, aging, and part of their practice is to never interact with the public.

So no one really knows if there even are anymore nuns living in there.

That Hollywood land would be a wonderful retreat for Central LA people, a therapy center with outpatient treatment.

I'll run it for you.

It takes me five minutes to come up with ideas on how the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy can:

Obey their own pope

Start showing some compassion and concern for the thousands of Americans walking around damaged from being in the pathway of one of the Catholic Church’s thousands of sexual predators.


At least the doctor in SF gave me Darvon. Today I go to the Free Clinic or whatever is available in this aftermath of President Bush style neglect of poverty programs.

Medical Help for uninsured people just disappeared in the last few years.

Not only do I have to self medicate, I have to self diagnose.

Some of us are living with 40 to 50 years of damage in our lives. In my case it’s resulted in pain that flashes out from the pubic region to all over the body. The one good doctor I had in San Francisco in the nineties just shrugged and said, “A lot of times women who’ve been promiscuous in the past live with pubic pain.”

I would never have lived that kind of life if it hadn't been for being sexually assaulted by a priest when I was five years old by Fr. Thomas Barry Horne, a priest who was coddled and protected by the Chicago Archdiocese for 30 years.


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