Abuse of Father Vosen Must Come to an End

News Republic

December 13, 2008

[For background see two News Republic articles: Priest's Book Rebuts Allegations (with PDFed excerpts from Vosen's book at end of article), and Church Wants Vosen Book]

As a practicing Catholic and member of St. Joseph's, I am dismayed, disgusted, and discouraged by the continuing abuse of Father Vosen and the attacks on him, his actions (authored an inspiring book), and his character.

First, he was assumed guilty based on unfounded allegations that were denied by the individual whose sister named him as a victim, then Father's case has dragged on for years with no closure. This sure doesn't seem like justice to me.

Why can't the church hierarchy finish their job by returning to where they should have started. That is, with the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

A further insult to me and, I'm sure, to other Catholics is that while fellows like Father Vosen have been hung out to dry, our weekly offerings have been used to pay millions (billions?) of dollars to real victims by convicted pedophiles who were protected by their superiors in the church structure who relocated the known/suspected pedophiles to different parishes where they continued to prey on their young victims.

I ask that Father be given the justice he deserves. Finish the job and prove him guilty, or get off his back and restore his dignity.

Whoops, his dignity really doesn't need to be restored, as in my eyes, he has maintained it. To date, he has just been vilified (apparently no proof) and made to appear as a bad fellow.

Walter D. Smith,

Bishop is wrong regarding Father Vosen, book

It's not the church.

In regard to Bishop Robert C. Morlino's statement: No, It's not the church that wants to destroy the book, "Pick A Number." It is the bishop.

Do you think it makes the bishop uncomfortable to have the public know how terribly Father Vosen was and is being treated? Is he worried about himself? I do. It's all about him, not Father Vosen. Anyone who has had the opportunity to get to know Father Vosen knows the truth.

I am very upset with Bishop Robert C. Morlino and his non-Christian behavior. Is he acting as a good Christian? I don't think so. How can he judge Father Vosen the way he has, how can he keep trying to destroy him? Father Vosen is not guilty, that has been already proven. It's the Catholic Church that says he is guilty. The law doesn't.

In chapter 51, Father Vosen tells us what happened. Bishop Morlino would not talk to anyone about the situation. We would just get a vague letter that was read from the pulpit.

I have been a member of St. Joseph's since the day I was born. I attended St. Joseph's through eighth grade. We have had many priests at our parish who I remember. A lot of them very nice, but not one of them connected with me the way Father Vosen did. All three of my children had the opportunity of having Father Vosen come to their classrooms and Wednesday masses. What a gift we were given.

Since his book has been published I have bought four books and three sets of tapes. I listen to his tape everyday. It has been music to my ears and I will not destroy or give back my tapes or books.

If the bishop thinks anyone will destroy these books or tapes, he is crazy. If I am considered to be committing a canonical crime listening to something that helps me be a better Christian every day, then we will let God decide, not the bishop.

The bishop has no right to tell anyone what he or she can and cannot listen to or read. God knows what is truly in my heart and that is all that matters.

I will continue to support Father Vosen in any way I can. He made a difference in my faith life and I will always be grateful to him for that.

Kathy Statz,


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