Pastor Uses Manhood in Deliverance

Joy Online
March 13, 2009

The activity of a self-styled man of God has thrown the Dangme East and parts of the Dangme West districts into a state of fear. The pastor, who is said to have claimed that his manhood has been anointed to solve the problems of women, goes into bed with them as his way of liberating the unsuspecting women from demons.

This strange development has raised alarm throughout the two districts, with some speculating that the man could be deliberately spreading the deadly Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The supposed man of God has only women as his clients and is based in an uncompleted building at Ada-foah the capital of the eastern district, from where he operates. |

Investigations conducted by the Heritage concluded that the man whose name the paper withholds for now busily searches for unsuspecting women to convince them the Omnipresent God has revealed some stunning secrets about them to him. For reasons unclear as of now, Osofo is able to tell some of the clients a few things that have actually happened to them or in their families in the past. And they get hooked on like by a magnet! That first mission accomplished, the penis prophet proceeds to tell the awed women fates about to befall them and, who would dare doubt him? The methodical man’s third step is booking of appointment: he gives the ensnarled females his contact number, the direction to his ‘ghetto’ and the time to meet him for a ‘crucial deliverance prayers’ session. All things would have fallen in place.

The investigations also revealed that some of the women spend two to three days in the camp, never mind most of them are married and mothers of young ones they have left at home.

The deliverance comes with conditionality; he orders the women to sleep naked and not to cover themselves with their own cloths but with what he would provide them. And, during the night, he crawls in to lie beside them to convince them of the urgent need for him to have sex of them. The explanation is one: Pastor having carnal knowledge with the woman he is lying close to is the only way to her salvation and that is also because his anointed penis is the only instrument ordained to scoop out the evil spirits troubling the married woman or spinster.

This is quite a busy pastor, both in eh day when he is campaigning and at night when he is actually ministering the ‘holy spirit.’ He caries out the operation on two or three women every single night, with some visiting the camp as many as three times, each time having to be exorcised through the sexual exercise.

Some of the victims told The Heritage that Pastor sometimes collected 10 to 20 Ghana cedis from them on top of the free ride. The mode of the operation is such that women who, during the day, work are ‘discharged on bail’ to go and work for money and return in the evening. Others go to him in the evening and leave the following day.

But, rather strangely, for some many months that this activity has been going on, none of the women did see the need to report the case to the police, fearing that they might die, if they did. This reporter uncovered that so many women in the Dangme East, and Ningo in Dangme West District, have fallen prey to the said pastor.

The Heritage can also report for a fact that the pastor’s activities are causing serious problems in many marriages in the districts, because the men are accusing their wives of going to bring the AIDS Virus home.

A 26-year-old hair dresser’s apprentice and a mother of one, Kabukie Atitianti, who had agreed that her name be mentioned in the story, also told the reporter how she nearly fell victim.


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