Cleveland: Complete List of Churches Impacted in Diocese Reorganization; Bishop's News Conference

March 15, 2009

CLEVELAND -- The Diocese of Cleveland has released the list of parishes that will be impacted in its reorganization plan.

Bishop Richard Lennon says that the plan closes 29 parishes and requires another 41 to merge to create 18 new churches.

Richard Lennon has issued notice to these parishes that they must close or merge as directed by June 30, 2010. Churches will be given the opportunity to appeal the decision.

Here is a complete list of the closings/mergers from the Diocese of Cleveland. (Bold print indicates church being closed. Churches in regular type are involved in mergers which may involve a church closing dependent on terms of parish merger. Merger info contained in [].)


City of Cleveland

-Ascension 14040 Puritas--- [Merger w/ Annunciation and St. Patrick- new parish site to be determined]

-Annunciation 4697 W. 130th St. ---[Merger w/Ascension and St. Patrick- new parish site to be determined]

-Blessed Sacrament 3381 Fulton Rd.

-Community of St. Malachi W.25th and Detroit Ave.

(Merge with St. Malachi parish on the same site)

-Conversion of St. Paul 1369 E. 40th St. [The monastery of the Poor Clares will continue at the former site, as will the Friary of the -Capuchin Friars]

-Corpus Christi 4850 Pearl Rd. (Merge w/ Our Lady of Good Counsel at the OLGC site)

Epiphany 11901 Oakfield Ave.

-Our Lady of Good Counsel 4423 Pearl Rd. (Merge w/Corpus Christi parish at the OLGC site)

-Our Lady of Mercy 2425 W. 11th St.

-Our Lady of Perpetual Help 18022 Neff Rd. [Merger w/St. George Lithuanian at OLPH site]

Sacred Heart of Jesus 6916 Krakow Ave.

-St. Adalbert 2347 East 83rd St.

-St. Barbara 1505 Denison Ave.

-St. Casimir 8223 Sowinski Ave.

-St. Cecilia E. 152nd and Kinsman Ave.

-St. Colman 2027 W. 65th St. [Merge w/ St. Stephen at St. Stephen site for new Parish]

-St. Emeric 1890 W. 22nd St.

-St. Francis 7206 Myron Ave [Elementary School remains open at site]

-St. George 6527 Superior Ave. [Merge w/Our Lady of Perpetual Help at the OLPH site]

-St. Hyacinth 6114 Francis Ave.

-St. Ignatius of Antioch 10205 Lorain Rd. [Elementary School remains open at site]

-St. Lawrence 3532 East 81st St.

-St. Malachi W. 25th and Detroit Ave. [Merge w/Community of St. Malachi reopens at this site as new parish]

-St. Patrick 4427 Rocky River Dr. [Merge with Ascension and

Annunciation- site to be determined)

-St. Peter 1533 East 17th St.

-St. Procop 3181 W.41st St.

-St. Rose of Lima 11401 Detroit Ave. [Merge w/ SS. Cyril and Methodius in Lakewood at Lakewood site]

-St. Stephen 1930 W.54th St. [Merge w/St. Colman-reopens at this site as new parish]

-St. Wendelin 2281 Columbus Rd.

-SS. Philip and James 3727 Bosworth Ave.

City of Brook Park

-Assumption of Mary 5555 Smith Rd. [Merge w/St. Peter the Apostle-worship site to be determined]

-St. Peter the Apostle 6455 Engle Rd [Merge w/Assumption of Mary---worship site to be determined]

City of Bedford

-St. Mary 300 Union St. [Merge w/ Holy Trinity and St. Pius X at St. Pius site]

-St. Pius X 400 Center Rd. [Merge w/Holy Trinity and St. Mary-reopens at this site as new parish]

City of Bedford Heights

-Holy Trinity 24821 Columbus Rd. [Merge w/ St. Mary and St. Pius X at St. Pius X site]

City of Cleveland Heights

-St. Ann 2175 Coventry Rd. [Merge w/ St. Louis, St. Philomena and Christ the King---Reopens at this site as new parish]

-St. Louis 2463 North Taylor Rd. [Merge w/ St. Ann, Christ the King, and St. Philomena at St. Ann site)

City of East Cleveland

-Christ the King 1862 Noble Rd. [Merge w/ St. Louis, St. Philomena and St. Ann at St. Ann site)

-St. Philomena 13824 Euclid Ave. [Merge w/ St. Ann, St. Louis and Christ the King--Building will be 2nd worship site for new parish)

City of Euclid

-Holy Cross E. 200th and Lake Shore [Merge w/ St. Christine -reopens at this site as new parish]

-St. Christine 840 E. 222nd St. [Merge with Holy Cross parish]

-St. Felicitas 140 Richmond Rd. [Merge w/ St. Paul-reopens at this site as new parish]

-St. Paul 1231 Chardon Rd. [Merge w/ St. Felicitas)

-St. Robert 23802 Lakeshore Blvd. [Merge with St. William parish)

-St. William 367 E. 260th St. [Merge w/ St .Robert---reopens at this site as new parish]

City of South Euclid

-St. Gregory 1545 S. Green Rd. [Merge w/ St. Margaret Mary-worship site to be determined]

-St. Margaret Mary 4217 Bluestone Rd. [Merge with St. Gregory the Great--- Worship site to be determine]

City of Lakewood

-SS. Cyril & Methodius Madison and Lakewood [Merge w/ St. Rose-reopens at this site as new parish]

-St. Hedwig 12905 Madison Ave.

-St. James 17514 Detroit Ave.

Village of Orange

-St. Margaret of Hungary 4680 Lander Rd.


-City of Elyria

-Holy Cross 1417 West Ave.

-Sacred Heart of Jesus 162 Irondale St.

City of Lorain

-Holy Trinity 2428 Elyria Ave. [Merge w/ St. Mary-worship site to be determined]

-St. John the Baptist Grove Ave. and Homewood Dr. [Merge w/St. Vitus and SS.Cyril & Methodius-new parish at St. John site]

-St. Joseph Reid Ave. and 15th St.

-St. Ladislaus 1412 East 29th St.

-St. Mary 8th St. and Reid Ave. [Merge w/Holy Trinity-worship site to be determined]

-St. Stanislaus Elyria Ave. and East 28th St.

-St. Vitus 1793 E. 32nd St. [Merge w/St. John the Baptist and SS. Cyril & Methodius-new parish at St. John site]

-SS. Cyril & Methodius 1705 E. 31st. St. [Merge w/. St. Vitus and St. John the Baptist-new parish at St. John site]


City of Akron

-Annunciation 55 Broad St. [Merge w/St. John the Baptist-worship site at Annunciation]

-Christ the King 1584 Creighton Ave. [Merge w/St. Martha-worship site at St. Martha--North Akron Catholic School

remains open at Christ the King site]

Sacred Heart of Jesus 734 Grant St.

-St. Bernard Broadway and E. State Sts. [Merge w/ St. Mary-worship site at St. Bernard]

-St. Hedwig 213 East Glenwood Ave.

-St. John the Baptist 1044 Brown St. [Merge w/Annunciation-worship site at Annunciation]

-St. Martha 300 E. Tallmadge Ave. [Merge w/Christ the King-worship site at St. Martha]

-St. Mary 750 South Main St. [Merge w/St. Bernard-worship site at St. Bernard]

City of Barberton

-SS. Cyril & Methodius 183 - 15th St. NW


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