Former Tna Wrestler Files Sexual Abuse Lawsuit against a Priest

By Jason Powell
Pro Wrestling
March 31, 2009

Former TNA wrestler and backstage agent Pat Kenney (a/k/a Simon Diamond) filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against a teacher and preist who worked at a Delaware high school. "Pat Kenney, who wrestled under the name Simon Diamond, used a landmark Delaware Law, the Child Victims Act, to come forward and tell his story of childhood sexual abuse at Wilmington's Salesianum High School, where he says he was sexually molested by known predator Denis Killion," reads a press release issued by Kenney's attorney.

"Pat has a goal," said his attorney, J. Michael Reck of Manly & Stewart of New York and Newport Beach, CA. "He wants to make sure that what happened to him never happens to another child. Pat spent an entire career being strong and ignoring the effects of his abuse. Now, he realizes that the best work he can do will be to keep kids safe, urge them to report abuse, and hold abusers and their protectors accountable."

Powell's POV: The press release notes that the man Kenney accuses of molesting him was eventually removed from ministry when four men came forward to accuse him of absue in August. There are also letters that expose that church officials knew that Killion was a molester, but instead of removing him, they simply moved him to schools in Pennsylvania and Florida.

I think it takes a tremendous amount of courage for Kenney to share his story publicly. He could have kept his involvement in the lawsuit quiet, but it appears he's going to being speaking out about it. Kenney has always come across as very well spoken and articulate in interviews with the wrestling media and I'm sure he'll be an excellent spokesman as he attempts to raise awareness for this particular issue.


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