A Little Soul Tuneup (music Video) before We Dive Back into That Nasty Topic

By Kay Ebeling
April 6, 2009

[with videos]

Listen to music, watch videos, okay, I know I should finish the story. We are about to pass a plateau, dive deeper into the collusion, duplicity, and plain old sex crimes that went on in various areas of Catholic hierarchy and the legal teams they hire to protect them. That continued story is coming tomorrow morning. Every time I open another document for research, more grime emerges, and Iíve learned itís best to tune in and drop out for a piece and find peace before coming back. Otherwise, these true stories of sex crimes against children committed by Catholic priests of which I'm writing here will drive me totally insane - or leave me overwhelmed, buried under a mountain. The grime wins.

So I have to take time to take my mind off the subject, the pedophile epidemic in the Catholic Church and the great lengths the hierarchy now go to in order to cover it up includes beating down people who are able still to uncover it. If nothing else the very subject matter you deal with can drain you down along with them into the Hell these creeps created. Iíve watched my face turn into a mask of anger from creases turned into permanent lines. I know somehow this is my karma to keep writing these stories, and find a way to do it without going mad.


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