Graphic Details Brought to Light of Priest Molestation

June 5, 2009

SALINAS, Calif.- Father Antonio Cortes was in court Friday for a preliminary hearing facing charges of rape and child porn.

Father Cortes is facing one felony count of child sodemy and one felony count of child pronography.

For the first time Friday, the accounts of what the 16-year old, identified as John Doe, is alleging against Fr. Cortes of Saint Marys of the Nativity church.

The victim says there was other sexual abuse three years ago at their parish in Greenfield, but this latest incident happened this past April.

The lead investigator of the case started the day's testimony--pain stackingly describing details of what the teenager says happened to him that day beginning with a massage in Cortes' house on church property.

The massaging continued and at one point the detective said Cortes placed a white washcloth over the victim's eyes. He testified that the 16 year old told him it was then that Cortes unzipped his pants and the sex act started.

The detective also found tens of thousands of pictures of young boys on those hard drives as well as boys at church functions.

The defense maintained that no actual rape occured and the child porn may not have actually belonged to Cortes.

Ultimately Judge Duncan ruled that the presecution had enough circumstantial evidence to move forward with the trial.

Cortes will be back in court for an arraignment on the charges before trial on july 8th.


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