The Ghost of Halloween Past

It's About Me
October 31, 2009

Yes once again itís the end of October and we all know what that means. Itís time for ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. In my case itís an evil spirt by the name of Fr. Norman Christian. He died on October 29, 2004 after two very long years of trying to get him arrested. If you have read this blog you know what all I went through only to come up just short.

That may sound hard hearted but the truth is, I was so intent on taking care of my inner child and coming to grips with this and doing what should have been done 30 years before, getting him arrested that when he died it seemed to snatch justice out of my hands (me the adult, and me the 10 year old little boy.) It left my job of saving the little boy unfinished with no recourse but to accept that he is in hell.

When I found out that archbishop Burke buried him as a priest in good standing, it was more than the little boy in my heart could take. The adult really didnít give a rip. But it keeps boiling up in my heart. I wish there was something I could do to mend this deep wound that feels so bad. I feel like I let the 10 year old me down.

I know that I did everything I could have, and I should just let it go now... but there must be something I have left to do, because this will not let me go. It has been five years now since Father Christianís death and every year is the same thing. A deep aching in my heart that I came up a little short.

And yet my deepest pain comes from knowing that the most powerful men and women in the catholic church continue to deny and coverup child abuse in their church. They belittle survivors and their families putting them through hell still today. They refuse to repent and do what is right. All for the love of money.


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