Videos and Letters Expose the Bishop of Fairbanks' Dirty Fingerprints. He Knew Kids Were Being Raped and He Covered It Up
Or: Father Jim Poole, the Great Lover of the World (His Words, Not Mine)

Second Rape: The Diocese of Fairbanks and Sexual Abuse
November 12, 2009

There's more to the story of Fr. Jim Poole, SJ, subject of my last post.

Seattle's weekly paper, The Stranger (click here to read), wrote a gripping story about Rachel Mike and other victims of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Fairbanks. The story outlines how dozens of child rapists were sent to Fairbanks to "Get them off the grid" and fill jobs where these men could rape hundreds of Alaska Native kids.

Rachel Mike was one of the kids.

Born in St. Michael (click to read William Lobdell's LA Times story about the village), Rachel, a Yup'ik Eskimo, grew up in abject poverty with alcoholic parents. She often suffered from the effects of starvation. By fifteen, she had tried to kill herself three times. Poole sank his claws into her after her second attempt. She was 14.

He started raping her. Soon, she had gonorrhea and was pregnant.

What did Poole do when he discovered that she was carrying his child? He had a plan: he told the starving child to say that her father raped her. So she did.

Her father went to jail. He died before she was able to tell him the truth. When Rachel came forward in 2004 to name Poole as her abuser, the Diocese of Fairbanks tried to get the case thrown out on the statute of limitations they weren't saying that she was lying, they said that she came forward too late.

There was too much proof that Poole was a monster for them to deny Rachel's story.

The Proof:

Poole had already been sent to a "Perp Camp" in New Mexico. We have the video of him talking about it and he tells us that he was "the great lover of the world" (click here to watch).

Around the same time in 1986, another victim was coming forward to complain about Poole. What did Fairbanks Bishop Kaniecki say? "Tried to cover all based, yet not admit anything Nip this mess in the bud." (Click here to read)

In 1998, Fairbanks Bishop Kaniecki was actively working to erase the memory of Jim Poole by making sure that old KNOM tapes of Poole (used for fundraising) were never played. He was afraid that Poole's white victims would hear the tapes and come forward and report. According to Kaneicki, white victims coming forward would be "the straw that broke the camel's back," and they would see lawsuits and scandal. (Click here to read). (The letter also throws Seattle University President Fr. Steven Sundborg SJ under the bus)


We have proof that Poole and dozens of other men molested Alaska Native kids,

We have proof that the Diocese of Fairbanks knew about it,

We have proof the Diocese of Fairbanks dumped perps in the Alaska Native Villages,

We have proof that the Diocese of Fairbanks tried to cover it up,

We have proof that the Diocese of Fairbanks lied about abuse to victims when they came forward, and

We have proof that the Diocese of Fairbanks is racist

So, what is the Diocese going to do about it? They seem to think that offering $5500 to victims will take care of it.

I don't agree.


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