Priest Calls for Bishops to Resign
Fr Iggy Reported Abuse Allegation but Heard Nothing from Church

By Alison Comyn
Drogheda Independent
December 2, 2009

A LOCAL priest has condemned some figures of authority in the Catholic Church, saying anyone who covered up the heinous crimes of abuse must no longer remain in their positions.

Fr Iggy O'Donovan, from the Augustinian Church, has also told how he reported serious allegations of clerical abuse made by a local person early last year, and the bishop he contacted has never responded to him.

'Other authorities, including the gardaí, have taken action, but I have never heard from the bishop and he remains in office to this day,' says Fr Iggy. 'At the same time the person came to me telling of the crime, I went to the police, which I felt was my duty, and also the bishop, but I would have expected to have heard something from him.

Drogheda gardaí confirmed they did receive a report of a clerical abuse in the early part of 2008, but it was not in the Drogheda area.

' The report is under investigation,' a spokesman told the Drogheda Independent. 'It was reported to us, even though it was not in the area, but in the Louth/Meath division.

'A file has been sent to the DPP for further investigation.' Fr Iggy goes on to point out the 'anti-sexual terrorism' imposed by members of the church during his lifetime, yet at the same time the imposers were party to 'colluding and covering up heinous crimes'.

'Canon Law was imposed so rigidly upon the public, but not within the church,' says an angry Fr Iggy. 'The idea was to protect the institution at all costs and I think the Catholic Church is inept at facing the music.'

However, he also feels a great deal has been learned in the past few years, but 'anyone who admitted to be complicit is not worthy to hold office. At this stage, we in the church must be above board at all times or we are not worthy to hold office,' he adds.

'It is clear the lessons have not been learned yet, and some in authority have not yet responded to what is happening.' The priest has a special word of thanks for the parishioners of Drogheda.

'I think the Drogheda people are hugely tolerant; we are lions led by donkeys. I feel that anyone who colluded in the type of crimes outlined in the Murphy Report is not worthy of holding office, and they should step down.'


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