Predator Franciscan Describes Years He Ran Santa Barbara Boys Choir, "a Constant Supply of Attractive Little Boys" (5 Pages Scanned Here)

By Kay Ebeling
City of Angels
January 26, 2010

While reading through his Probation Report, we scanned five pages from Sexual Autobiography of Robert Van Handel Pedophile Franciscan and posted them here, for our readers to click enlarge and read, as a preview of upcoming stories. These tight single-space typed memories cover the time Van Handel was Director of Santa Barbara Boys Choir, which, he writes "was clearly my choir, and the fulfillment of one of my fondest dreams.

“Now I understand that it was also a constant supply of attractive little boys.” On these pages Van Handel talks his way through years of serial felonies. It's likely Van Handel molested 150 eight- to twelve-year-olds as director of the Santa Barbara Boys Choir, according to a letter from his own therapist to the Court in 1994. More in Santa Barbara Story Parts 9 and 10 coming soon.

A lot of his words are offensive, people email me about R ratings, etc. We do not pull punches on purpose at City of Angels. If anyone is "offended," stop a moment and think. How offended are the people on the receiving end? By preventing yourself from looking at these crimes, you aid and abet their perpetuation, inadvertently. How can you know how to respond, how enraged and alarmed to be, if you don't know everything that happened? Looking at these shocking details is like a penance we all have to serve, to get rid of the sin, so to speak.

So please don't just turn it over to God and go forward as if it's over, as this Sexual Autobiography is just one example of how bad it got in just one high school in one religious order in one city, the crimes of just one perpetrator. Multiply that by six thousand pedophile Catholic priests counted so far, and you see how far reaching and extensive the crimes were.

Cash settlements to a fraction of the victims across the country has not resulted in justice. We need more investigation, law enforcement, and prosecution of the pedophile epidemic in the Catholic Church.

Also below we copy and pasted current information on the flagrant friar from the Megan's Law website for monitoring sex offenders in California.

From Probation Report submitted to Santa Barbara Superior Court Case #202042, five of the twenty-seven pages of Van Handel's Sexual Autobiography (Click to Enlarge and Read) (Don't open the second page scanned here, if you are easily offended):

From Megan's Law Website:

Robert Van Handel

Last Known Address:

15705 HWY 9,





Zip Code: 95006

Date of Birth: 04-02-1947


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 173

Eye Color: GREEN

Hair Color: GRAY

Ethnicity: WHITE

Offense: Code 288(a)


We Googled to see a satellite view.

Looks like Van Handel is living about 30 miles northeast of Santa Cruz, deep in the lush green rolling hills between San Jose and the Pacific Ocean. If it is a garage apartment, it's connected to a nice big house.

He was ordered by the Court to continue Sex Offender therapy. Van Handel was going to group and individual Sex Offender sessions at

Pacific Treatment Associates in Santa Cruz,

Hopefully they are keeping an eye on him now.



The arresting officer explains how the Sexual Autobiography of Fr. Robert Van Handel came into the record:

"Upon being informed that a copy of his sexual history which he produced for a therapist of his at Pacific Treatment Center had been obtained and reviewed by this officer, the defendant became quite concerned, in that it contained very sensitive and embarrassing information about members of the community in Santa Barbara.

“After being informed that the document was, in fact, going to be made part of the Probation Report, in that it had been submitted as part of the statement made by Detective McGrew of the Santa Barbara Police Department, the defendant agreed to discuss the sexual autobiography.”


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