Naked Children Surround Pedophile Priest Working As Missionary in Brazil. Photos Here at City of Angels

By Kay Ebeling
City of Angels
February 1, 2010

BRAZIL -- Fr. Mario Pezzotti is one of 81 priests listed in the Sipe-Murray Report: "International Traffic in Catholic Priests Who Abuse." Fr. Mario Pezzotti is in Bishop Accountability as having four accusations, one that led to a financial settlement.

Yet here are pictures of Fr. Mario Pezzotti surrounded by children, naked children, because they are Kayapo Indians, who decorate their bodies with natural paints instead of clothing, where they live in the Amazon jungle. According to a City of Angels source, Fr. Mario Pezzotti is today a "Provincial for a Xaverian province in Brazil."

Italian Blogger (translated): "These misdeeds, a grave betrayal of trust, deserve condemnation. They have caused great pain and have damaged the Church's credibility."

Credit the Italian Blogs:

L'inferno Deglo Angeli


La Valle dei Templi

with breaking this story

See the pics at the Xaverian site: Missionari Saveriani

The Sipe & Murray Report (April 2007) lists Pezzotti as "a priest in Boston that settled an abuse case in 1993. Fled to Brazil."

Pezzotti is a priest with the Xaverian Missionary Fathers.

So here is proof that international trafficking of sexual predators continues in the Roman Catholic Church.


The Kayapo Indians are an indigenous tribe inhabiting land on both sides of the Xingu River in the state of ParŠ, Brazil on the Central Brazilian Plateau. Ni

ne Kayapo villages are scattered throughout the territory, creating a 28.4 million acre home for more than 5,000 people.1 The dominant ecosystems are tropical rainforest and grassland in which the Kayapo hunt, fish, and practice swidden agriculture (slash and burn).

The Kayapo wear intricate beadwork and headdresses in ceremonies and decorate their bodies with dye coming from the plants genipapo and urucu. The Kayapo refer to themselves as MebÍngokrÍ, which means "the men from the water place."

AND NOW THE XAVERIANS HAVE sent Pedophile Priest Father Mario Pezzotti to Brazil to save the Kayapo Indian children's souls...

These photos and reports from Italian bloggers prove that at least this one pedophile priest still very much has access to children.

The current estimate is six to ten thousand pedophile priests operated out of the Catholic Church since 1940 according to John Jay, Bishop Accountability, SNAP, and other sources.

Fr. Mario Pezzotti is just one of six thousand.

Pezzotti has "one civil suit filed 1993. Order admitted knowledge of 2 other claims," according to his listing at Bishop Accountability Under P, for Pezzotti, Bishop Accountability also says there were other victims who never took legal action.


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