Statement by Bishop Driscoll

Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise
May 10, 2010

Following is a statement made by Bishop Michael P. Driscoll at Masses celebrated in St. George Church, Post Falls, May 8-9:

I am here to inform you that that I have had to place your pastor, Father William R. Gould, on administrative leave, effective Tuesday, May 4.

We have received information about alleged sexual misconduct that may have taken place 29 years ago, around 1981, between Father Gould and a young man under the age of 18. Father Gould has denied that this allegation is true. The Diocese, in compliance with our misconduct policies, as well as those of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, is investigating this issue. We are working on arrangements to have priests to temporarily fill in during Father Gouldís absence.

The Diocese is handling the situation following established guidelines established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2002, and subsequently approved by Rome requiring Father to be placed on administrative leave. At this time, we donít know how long it will take to complete our investigation, nor do we know what the outcome will be. It may take some time to complete our work on this matter, as we will also have to forward our findings to Rome, and then await their instructions on how to proceed.

Please know that you and Father Gould, as well as the person who made the allegation will remain in my prayers as this difficult situation is resolved. I ask you to do the same, so that everyone involved may find healing and peace.

May God be with us as we walk this road together.


We are in a time of the year when cold gives way to warmth and dark gives way to light. In our Church year, this is a time when death gives way to new life and the cross surrenders to the Resurrection. In the midst of all these miracles, all we can do is stop and say ďLord God, how marvelous are your ways!Ē

May this Easter season be a time of rebirth for all of us. Saved by the cross and renewed through the waters of Baptism, may we each Eastercome to a deeper understanding of Godís incredible, unconditional love for us. May we, in turn, be living signs of the Risen Christ in our families, in our places of work, and in our communities. Through our efforts, may Godís Kingdom grow in every action of justice, in every initiative of peace, in every gesture of love and reconciliation. Let this be our Easter promise!

+Michael P. Driscoll
Most Reverend Michael P. Driscoll, MSW, DD
Bishop of Boise


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