Courageous Client

By Patrick Noaker
Anderson Advocates Blog
May 13, 2010

The article in the Indianapolis Star about my client who forced the Archdiocese of Indianapolis to settle his sexual abuse claims leads me to appreciate just how courageous this man is. This man was willing to file his claim against the Archdiocese when only one other lawsuit involving Fr. Monroe was known. This man was willing to file a lawsuit against an Archdiocese that had never lost a case involving childhood sexual abuse and never paid a single judgment. Why? Because this young man never cared about the money. He just wanted the Archdiocese to “quit protecting priests who are guilty.”

What got lost in the shuffle are the real reforms that this young man demanded of the Archdiocese. Specifically, the following reforms were demanded and agreed to by the Archdiocese:

(a) A public apology for what happened with Fr. Monroe;

(b) Educate children within the Archdiocese on safe touch, signs of child sexual abuse, what to do if a child suspects a friend of being sexually abused, and what to do if the child is being sexually abused;

(c) Educate all employees and volunteers within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and within any church located within the geographic boundary of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis on signs of child sexual abuse and what to do if the adult suspects a child is being sexually abused;

(d) Adopt a clear policy within the Archdiocese that prohibits priests from taking overnight trips with any child;

(e) Adopt a clear policy within the Archdiocese that prohibits priests from having a child or children in his automobile;

(f) Adopt a clear policy that requires all priests or other Archdiocese or individual parish personnel, both employees and volunteers, to contact law enforcement when suspected child sexual abuse is reported;

(g) Pursue laiticiation (defrocking) of Fr. Monroe so that Fr. Monroe cannot

seek to be a priest in any other diocese.

As you can see, this was never about the money. What do you think about these reforms? Please comment.


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