Put up or Shut Up!

Nuchem Is Right
September 1, 2010

Yet another molestation horror story just shocked the world yesterday. A brave young man from Kiryas Yoel, NY came forward after years of being raped and molested by his own father.

Unfortunately these stories are very common these days, but they still put a shiver in your spine every time you hear a new story, and it reminds you of how important it is to fight pedophilia in our community.

At the same time however, there are still people in the community who believe in hush-hush! No matter how many people come forward, and how many stories are being exposed and how many people being put into the slammer, they still have the attitude of "it's a copout" He is blaming someone else for HIS problems" and "its overblown" and similar poor excuses.

As the reality kicks in, and the truth emerges, these guys try to be a step ahead with a new excuse. They are fooling no one but themselves and they are too shallow to realize how they are viewed all over and what a disgrace and dishonor they put on OUR Jewish orthodox community.

The latest excuse they have come up with is, we don't want "outsiders" preaching us about molestations! We don't want Ms. Vicki Polin, Dr. Asher Lipner and similar brave people to tell us how to live.

Every wise person realizes how ridicules this statement is, but nevertheless I will respond for the less fortunate.

1. When you go to the Emergency room, do you also say "I want a doctor from the community to give me CPR"? "I want a Orthodox Jew to operate on my cancerous skin"? Or is it anyone who is willing to help me please give me oxygen!

This problem of pedophilia is just as important as your local emergency room! Your kids in the community need oxygen. You don't wait for a doctor from a specific ethnicity; it should be anyone who is willing to land a hand.

2. If you don't like the "outsiders" go ahead and do something about it! Why do you think the "outsiders" are here for? Because no one is doing anything! You have been hush hush for 25 years, and if not for the "outsiders" it would still be a hidden secret. Even when someone comes forward now, you still try to hide it. And you have a problem with the "outsiders". How convenient!

3. We have an insider and his name is Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg! Look what you have done to him, you have tried to kill him, to isolate him, to silence him and everything else possible to get rid of him!

The bottom line is very simple. You can't play both sides of the fence and get away with it. Until you admit and come to the realization that there is a BIG problem in this community, and publicly address it, and do something about it (like opening a real center where victims can come for help), you should be ready for the consequences and feel the pressure and the backlash.

Be ready to watch the local news every night and see how the community is being rightfully ripped apart and being exposed in front of a national audience. Be ready to watch the court susyem and the Gov. sex offenders lists with local rabbis and orthodox people, and mostly be ready to take responsibility for the Chilul hashem YOU are making. Because YOU are the ones that are not addressing this issue and YOU are the ones who try to disturb others when they are willing to help.

Once again. We are here to stay , Rabbi Nuchem is here to stay and we will go after each molester with full force and expose every bad person in the community including the ones supporting them and aiding them.

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