September 16-19: Pope’s UK Visit (4) : News Selection

By Pieter Schultz
The Startpagina
September 22, 2010



* Excuses zijn niet genoeg / Henk Muller [VA;UK; de Volkskrant]

* Paus staat met rug tegen de muur / Henk Muller [VA/UK; de Volkskrant]

* Verdriet en spijt over misbruik is niet genoeg; de paus moet handelen [VA/UK; Trouw]

* [Vaticaan:] Bezoek paus aan Groot-Brittannie 'groot succes' [VA/UK; De Standaard]

* Paus schaamt zich voor gedrag priesters [VA/UK; Trouw] United Kingdom / Vatican


* Pope sees police role in sex abuse inquiries / By Jonathan Guthrie [UK/VA; Financial Times]

* Reflections on the Pope's visit / MAX CLIFFORD [UK/VA; BBC News]

* Wrap up of the pope's UK trip / by John L Allen Jr [UK/VA; NCR: National Catholic Reporter]

* Pope bashers are throwback to 1605 / By George Galloway [UK;]

* Come on guys: give the Pope a break! [UK; Roger Helmer MEP: Honorary Chairman of the Freedom Association]

* Catholic Church is 'systemically paedophile' says Tory MEP / By Damian Thompson [UK;]

* MEETING WITH BISHOPS OF ENGLAND, WALES AND SCOTLAND [VIS: Vatican Information Service / Holy See Press Office]

* Catholic church child abuse scandal outweighs the good [UK; Shropshire Star]

* The Pope and the Crowds / By ROSS DOUTHAT [VA/UK; The New York Times]

* Pope's concern at child abuse [UK; Yorkshire Evening Post]

* Catherine Pepinster: Could the Pontiff's values have a lasting impact on society? [UK; The Independent]

* Corrections and clarifications [UK; The Guardian]

* An Abuse Survivor's Message for the Vatican: Apologies and Accountability Are Due / Richardson [US/UK/VA; The Huffington P.]

* The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse / John Cornwell [AU/UK/VA; New Statesman]

* Pope praises National Catholic Safeguarding Commission for work in stamping out abuse of children [UK;]

* Expressing remorse is not enough: Catholic priests who... abused must face legal consequences [Qatar/UK/VA; Gulf News]

* Reform group protests over BBC report [UK; Independent Catholic News]

* Benedict the media darling? [MTUK/VA; Times of Malta]

* Vatican shows systemic lack of accountability [VA; The Australian]

* Pope 'impressed' with British child protection policies / A. Ivereigh [UK/VA; America: The National Catholic Weekly]

* Trial begins for Truro priest acused of sexual abuse of children: The Church of England [UK; Conger]

* MEETING WITH PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHILD PROTECTION [VA/UK; VIS: Vatican Information Service / Holy See Press Office]

* Is "sorrow" enough? / Posted by Sophie Elmhirst [UK; The Staggers / NS: NewStatesman]

* Going against the flow [UK; Vatican Radio: The voice of the Pope and the Church in dialogue with the world]

* Pope ends UK visit with beatification of convert / By NICOLE WINFIELD [UK; AJC: Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

* 'My shame and humiliation': Pope's emotional apology over 'unspeakable' child abuse... / Petre & Pisa [UK; Mail Online]

* Joan Smith (writer) (Wikipedia)

* Joan Smith: I'll take no lectures on ethics from Ratzinger [UK; The Independent]

* Pope expresses sorrow for priest abuses / By HENRY CHU [VA/UK; The Kansas City Star]

* Victims of abuse by priests speak out: 'There's this wall of silence' [interviews] / A. McCorkell [UK; The Independent]

* Six held over 'pope threat' freed [UK; Al Jazeera]

* Pope Meets Pedophile Priest Victims; Apologizes for 'Unspeakable' Abuse [UK/VA; Voice of America]

* Pope meets victims of child abuse and expresses 'deep sorrow and shame' / J. Hooper & Riazat Butt [UK/VA; The Guardian]

* London marchers confront Pope in biggest protest / By Avril Ormsby [UK/VA; The Vancouver Sun, Canada]

* Hyde Park sees protest and praise expressed for Pope / By Dhruti Shah [UK/VA; BBC News]


* Paus biedt excuses aan in Londen [VA/UK; NRC Handelsblad]

* September 16-18: Pope’s UK visit (3) : sermon, protest and meeting with victims / P Schultz, theologian (Sp polyamorie)


* Empty pews might make the powers that be think again / JENNIFER SLEEMAN [IE; The Irish Times]

* Sean Brady (Wikipedia)

* More priests to face sex abuse charges [IE; Belfast Telegraph]


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