Catholics Deceived Re Pedophile Priests, Church Has Cash Advantage over Plaintiffs, Read Emails to City of Angels

City of Angels
September 27, 2010

"As the Pope speaks of healing and reconciliation, bishops do absolutely nothing to change their ways." - Mark Crawford, New Jersey

Running prayer requests in church bulletins for priests removed for pedophilia is "a calculated attempt by Bishops to keep uninformed Catholics deceived into thinking these are priests in good standing," reads one email. Another reader writes, "The Catholic Church has an advantage with its cash reserve over the plantiffs' attorneys." City of Angels Blog got these letters recently at

(Re Paraclete Brochure Scanned Here from Jay Nelson in New Mexico)

In the first 9 years, they boast of helping "more than 500 priests- from 121 Archdioceses and Dioceses, 41 Orders and Congregations." This means that most of these church entities sent more than one priest for treatment and there is no indication if they are from the U.S. only or from where they come. (Servants of the Paraclete ran a rehab center for priests with "psycho sexual problems" in New Mexico.)

Most telling, however is the last page showing a priest returning to the world. Notice the Gospel caption: "Going therefore," at the top, and on bottom, "teach ye all nations."

If this is not a smoking gun of their intent to send their clients around the world, what is?

Ah, and the things these men of God have taught us...


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