Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Freeport News
September 30, 2010

The alleged sexual scandal against mega church pastor, Bishop Eddie Long has tongues wagging across the Western World, not just among churches, but in the clubs, in the offices, at the water coolers and mostly in cyber space.

While the allegations against Bishop Long remain just that - allegations, the situation is nothing new and brings forth once again a series of messages.

It reminds us that those set in authority over kids, young people and those emotionally vulnerable must exercise prudence, compassion and sincerity. Such authority does not give those who possess it a right to abuse and take advantage of those left in their care.

It's not just preachers or ministers who have abused their positions of authority; there have been teachers taking advantage of students, bosses taking advantage of employees and even parents abusing and taking advantage of children.

Perhaps it explains some of our youth's attitude towards authority.

Bishop Long may have taken the right step when he said that he would not fight this battle in the media, however, Bishop Long must remember that he has become a very public figure and therefore, since he has advanced himself into the public spotlight, he must be prepared for the repercussions that may occur if something negative comes up.

If the allegations against Bishop Long are true, it will not be the first time that a pastor of a mega church has fallen to scandal. In fact, it has become so popular these days that in some twisted way, people are expecting it.

Incidences like this one bring up memories of Jim and Tammy Bakker on television crying and expressing their plight of being human. Since then, there have been ministers of huge congregations in the United States who have fallen victim to the flesh.

There have also been local preachers and ministers who also have become victims to their fleshly appetites.

Being human - is that sufficient an excuse for preachers and those in authority over others to proceed in their bad habits and addictions?

We say no.

Those in authority must also abide by certain rules and regulations, even if they are in charge. Abusing or taking advantage of subordinates is one of those rules that should never be broken.

The coming days will determine whether or not the allegations against Bishop Long are true or unfounded. Whatever the outcome, bringing such allegations against preachers or others in the spotlight or in authority will continue, because there will always be those who see it fit to use their place of authority as a means to feed their own egos, addictions and personal benefits.

Simply put, there will always be wolves in sheep's clothing.


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