Tale of Church Sex Abuse Nears Top of Local Retailer's Chart

Londonderry Sentinel
October 7, 2010

LOCAL publishers Causeway Press have been taken by surprise by the demand for their latest publication "Maria Monk - Fact or Fiction".

This is because the book was first published more than 170 years ago and has been out of print in recent times in Northern Ireland.

A spokeswoman for Causeway Press said: "We had the opportunity to republish the Maria Monk book recently and given

both the visit to the UK by the current Pope and the ongoing allegations of sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church in Northern Ireland and much further afield we thought there might be some interest.

"Within a fortnight a major National retailer with stores here in Northern Ireland had the book on their top ten best selling list, and others were topping up their original orders.

"We normally expect a new book to go well once people start to read reviews or hear about it on the grapevine, but this was most unusual."

'Maria Monk - Fact or Fiction' is the story of a young woman in a Catholic Institution near Montreal in Canada, the book deals with horrific claims by the woman indicating that she was abused by Priests, and that there were secret ceremonies to deal with any children born of such illicit relationships.

The book caused pandemonium with numerous religious leaders lining up to criticise the story and others equally adamant that this type of behaviour did in fact occur.

"Maria Monk - Fact or Fiction" sells at ?5.99 and is available at most bookshops and good newsagents.


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