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October 21, 2010

The Broken Rites victim support group helps victims of church-related sexual abuse in Australia.

Here is a list of the most recent articles (written by Broken Rites researchers) published on this website:

Father Dennis Corrigan in court in New South Wales: Fr Dennis John Corrigan, 68, who has ministered in the Maitland-Newcastle diocese, north of Sydney, appeared in court on 19 October 2010, charged with sexual offences against three boys aged between 13 and 15 (posted 21 October 2010).

Mary MacKillop: The church's cover-up continues: Research by Broken Rites research has confirmed that Mary MacKillop (Australia's first saint, the co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph) was punished by the church hierarchy after her nuns exposed a sexually-abusive priest, Father Ambrose Patrick Keating, in South Australia in 1870. In 2010, the church authorities are dodging this revelation (updated 21 October 2009).

St Stanislaus College (Bathurst) teacher guilty: The Sydney Morning Herald reports (11 October 2010) that a former assistant housemaster at St Stanislaus College (in Bathurst, New South Wales) has been found guilty of indecently assaulting two boys from the school. Richard John McPhillamy, 49, faced trial in the New South Wales District Court accused of indecently assaulting two boys aged 12 to 13 while working at the college in Bathurst in the mid 1980s. He pleaded not guilty to six charges. McPhillamy will face sentencing on a later date (updated 16 October 2010).

Latest cover-up girls abused in Queensland: Has the Catholic Church really learned lessons about "child protection"? On 4 October 2010 in Toowoomba (Queensland), a Catholic Church "child protection" officer (Gerard Vincent Byrnes) was jailed for at least eight years for sexually assaulting schoolgirls. The crimes occurred recently, in 2007 and 2008. Despite complaints, the Catholic education system allowed Brynes to continue teaching until the police arrested him (updated 4 October 2010).

The church protected Father Peter Chalk: Catholic Church authorities helped an Australian priest, Father Peter Chalk, to stay overseas, out of the reach of Australian police. The church eventually gave a written apology to some of Chalk's Melbourne victims (updated 3 October 2009).

Priest charged in Newcastle, NSW: On 27 September 2010, police charged a 68-year-old priest from the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic diocese (north of Sydney) with multiple sexual offences, allegedly committed in 1987 and 1988 in the Windale area, near Newcastle, involving two boys aged 10-14 years. The priest, now retired from full-time parish work, was granted bail and the case is scheduled to come up in court soon. In April 2009, in a totally separate matter, this priest was convicted and fined $2400 after pleading guilty to high-range drink-driving and negligent driving after his car crashed into a parked car in a Mayfield hotel carpark [in the city of Newcastle] in October 2008. (Broken Rites will post an article about the sex-abuse case when the case comes up in court.)

Church confirms abuse by a Jesuit priest: A church-appointed investigator has confirmed that a Jesuit priest, Fr John Byrne, sexually abused a boy, aged 11, at Melbourne's Xavier College. Byrne previously taught at St Ignatius College, Riverview, in Sydney (posted 20 September 2010).

Black Collar Crime: Broken Rites has expanded (and re-organised) its list of Australian Catholic priests and brothers sentenced in court cases in which Broken Rites has had an interest or involvement. We now have 120 court cases on the top half of our Black Collar Crime page. In addition, on the bottom half of the page, there are a large number of out-of-court civil cases, researched by Broken Rites (updated 26 September 2010).

Current court cases: Broken Rites researchers have compiled this list of currently-scheduled court cases which Broken Rites is following. These cases, involving Catholic priests and brothers, are due to begin (or resume) soon in Australian courts (updated 14 September 2010).

Robson: On 14 September 2010, a Sydney District Court jury found Father Philip John Robson, 63 (a member of the Vincentian order of Catholic priests), not guilty of sex offences against a 15-year-old boy who was a pupil at St Stanislaus' College, Bathurst, New South Wales, in 1991. Robson had been charged with one count of attempting to have sexual intercourse with the boy in circumstances of aggravation, and four counts of aggravated indecent assault (updated 14 September 2010).

Christian Brothers, Strathfield, Sydney: Former pupils, now advancing in age, still feel the injustice of having been abused by Christian Brother L.C. McAllen at St Patrick's College, Strathfield, Sydney, in the early 1960s (posted 14 September 2010).

Fr Hugh Murray avoids a trial, on health grounds: Broken Rites has researched Father Hugh Edward Murray (a Catholic priest in the Vincentian religious order), who has been excused from facing a trial in the Sydney District Court. Murray had been charged with five incidents of indecently assaulting three boys between 1966 and 1978. The case was investigated by detectives from Bathurst, New South Wales. Murray's lawyer claimed that Murray has serious health problems, including dementia, and that therefore his capacity to give evidence about previous decades is "compromised". On 9 September 2010 a judge decided that Murray, aged 81, is medically unfit to face a lengthy trial. This Broken Rites article reviews Murray's career (updated 9 September 2010).

Church leaders knew about Father Moffat: Australian Catholic Church authorities learned that Father Murray Alexander Moffat (of Brisbane) had sexually abused a 12-year-old girl but they allowed Moffat to continue in the priesthood for many years while the public did not know about the case, according to statements made in court. But eventually, at the age of 42, the victim went to the police, instead of merely to the church authorities. The police charged Moffat. In August 2010, he pleaded guilty in court and was jailed. Now that the church's secret is out, the public knowledge makes it difficult for the church to continue using Moffat in the ministry (updated 27 August 2010).

Ryan 14 years in jail but not defrocked: On 6 August 2010, Father Vincent Gerard Ryan (of the Maitland-Newcastle diocese, north of Sydney) became eligible for release on parole after serving 14 years in jail. But technically, says the church, Ryan is still a priest. And the church will provide him with accommodation. This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account of how the church protected Ryan for twenty years until some of his victims got him jailed in 1996 (updated 6 August 2010).

The Father Vincent Gerard Ryan cover-up: Broken Rites reveals how a Catholic Church leader, Monsignor Patrick Cotter, covered up the crimes of one of Australia's worst paedophile priests, Father Vincent Gerard Ryan, in the Maitland-Newcastle diocese (updated 6 August 2010).

Father Charles Barnett full story: This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about Father Charles Alfred Barnett, who was jailed in South Australia on 5 August 2010 for crimes against children in that state. Broken Rites has researched Barnett's other activities throughout Australia (updated 6 August 2010).

Jennings: James Patrick Jennings was once a Catholic priest in the Vincentian order. In the Sydney District Court, in July 2010, he was charged with indecent assault on four boys (aged about 12) at St Stanislaus College, Bathurst NSW, during 1961. On 5 August 2010 the jury returned a verdict of "not guilty" on all charges (updated 6 August 2010).

Tasmania's archbishop delayed taking action: In a statement issued in June 2010, an Australian Catholic archbishop confessed that he had been too slow in taking action about a senior fellow-cleric who was facing sex-abuse complaints (updated 1 August 2010).

A Catholic Brother admits assaults on boys: In the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 23 July 2010, Peter Paul van Ruth pleaded guilty concerning multiple indecent assaults against two boys in 1969 while he worked as a Catholic religious Brother at Salesian College "Rupertswood" (a secondary school in Sunbury, near Melbourne). He will be sentenced on a later date (posted 26 July 2010).

How Brother McMahon became "Father" McMahon: Broken Rites has discovered that the Catholic Church has made settlements with several former pupils who encountered Brother Daniel John Virgil McMahon while he was teaching with the Christian Brothers in Catholic boys' schools in Western Australia (from the 1960s to the 1980s). In the early 1990s, Brother McMahon was elevated to the rank of "Father" McMahon and was allowed to minister as a priest in parishes in Tasmania (posted 24 July 2010).

Church accepts complaint about Fr Ray Whitehouse: After action by Broken Rites, the Melbourne Catholic archdiocese has accepted a complaint from a former altar boy who was sexually assaulted by Father Raymond Whitehouse on several Sundays after Mass (posted 24 July 2010).

Latest in the Fr Finian Egan case: A number of women and men have come forward, reporting about how they encountered a Sydney-based Catholic priest, Father Finian J. Egan, when they were youngsters in the 1970s and 1980s. This Broken Rites article gives some background on Father Finian Egan (updated 17 July 2010).

Brother Vincent Crawford in court: A Catholic religious brother, Vincent Crawford (a.k.a. Brother "Brendan" Crawford), of the Passionist Order, has appeared in court charged with sexual offences against a girl. The charges were withdrawn after the court was told that Crawford (aged 77 when charged) was medically unfit to undergo the court proceedings (posted 15 July 2010).

Spillane: In the 1970s and 1980s Father Brian Joseph Spillane was a priest in the Vincentian Fathers religious order, working at St Stanislaus College, in Bathurst, NSW. A magistrate has ordered Spillane to stand trial soon, before a judge in the Sydney District Court, charged with child-sex offences (updated 15 July 2010).

Gaven: A magistrate has ordered Brother John Gaven (formerly of St Stanislaus College, Bathurst NSW), to stand trial before a judge in the Sydney District Court, on a date yet to be fixed, charged with child-sex offences (updated 15 July 2010).

Dwyer: A magistrate has ordered a Catholic priest, Peter William Dwyer, to stand trial in the Sydney District Court in regarding alleged incidents at St Stanislaus College in Bathurst NSW, during the 1980s (updated 15 July 2010).

Phillips: Catholic priest Kevin Francis Phillips has appeared in a magistrate's court in Sydney, charged with child-sex offences at St Stanislaus College in Bathurst NSW. His case is scheduled for further proceedings in Sydney District Court in late 2010. Father Phillips' current address was given as a parish in Mackay in central Queensland (updated 15 July 2010).

Irwin: William Stanley Irwin who was once a Brother (and later a priest) in the Catholic Vincentian order is currently listed in Magistrate's Court proceedings in Sydney. The court has been told that Brother Irwin allegedly sexually abused a boy when the pair were visiting St Stanislaus College, Bathurst NSW, after travelling from Victoria, in 1986. The court was told that the boy's parents complained but the incident was allegedly covered up and Irwin was later appointed as a teacher at St Stanislaus. In the early 1990s, Brother Irwin was ordained as a priest, becoming Father Irwin, but in recent years he has left the Vincentian order to teach in Catholic schools as a layman. The court has been told that child pornography has been found on a computer and a disc at a house which Irwin shares. The Irwin case is due for further proceedings in Sydney's Downing Centre local court (updated 15 July 2010).

Peter John Ryan: A Catholic educationist, Mr Peter John Ryan. 67, is currently listed in Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court, charged with indecent assaults allegedly committed against a young male student in Bathurst NSW in 1977. The case is scheduled for further proceedings on a later date. The case was prepared by Bathurst detectives who are investigating certain matters involving St Stanislaus College in Bathurst (updated 15 July 2010).

The church harboured a priest who raped a boy:

For years, the Catholic order of Vincentian priests covered up the criminal behaviour of Father Murray Wilson. Wilson died mysteriously at St Stanislaus College, Bathurst NSW. Eventually, with help from Broken Rites, the Vincentians were forced to apologise to a Victorian schoolboy who was raped by Father Wilson in Sydney (updated 9 July 2010).

Father Denham #1 - The background: This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about Father John Sidney Denham's career of crime. The Catholic Church harboured Denham for 40 years until the Broken Rites website published an article about him in 2006 (updated 9 July 2010).

Father Denham #2 - Judge slams the cover-up: When jailing the Australian paedophile priest John Sidney Denham on 2 July 2010, a judge made scathing comments about how Father Denham had been protected by the Catholic Church (updated 9 July 2010).

Father Denham #3 - The sad story of Michael: After the paedophile priest John Sidney Denham was jailed in Australia on 2 July 2010, another family went public and revealed how they warned the Catholic Church authorities about Denham 32 years earlier, in 1978. But the church ignored the 1978 warning and continued to protect Denham until Broken Rites finally exposed him in an article in 2006 (posted 9 July 2010).

Fr Michael Endicott is sentenced: On 25 June 2010 in Brisbane, Father Michael Ambrose Endicott, 65, was given a jail sentence (which was wholly suspended) after pleading guilty to two counts of indecent treatment of a schoolboy (updated 29 June 2010).

Fr David O'Hearn was 'tipped off', police allege : A private investigator hired by a Catholic Church panel to investigate sexual abuse allegations against Father David Anthony O'Hearn "tipped off" this priest during the inquiry, according to a police document tendered to the Newcastle Local Court. On 17 June 2010, a magistrate ordered Fr O'Hearn to stand trial (posted 19 June 2010).

A 46-year cover-up ends in Western Australia: One way in which the Catholic Church has traditionally covered up its sex-abuse is by not preserving a written record about complaints. But prominent Australian writer Geraldine Willesee has forced the Perth archdiocese to acknowledge a complaint which she had submitted 46 years earlier about a priest who allegedly abused her when she was a pupil at a Catholic school in Perth (posted 13 June 2010).

Church fails to enforce its ban on Father Maye: The Mebourne Catholic archdiocese banned Father Patrick Maye from the ministry but now Broken Rites has discovered that Maye went to minister in Queensland (updated 10 June 2010).

What did Archbishop Wilson know?: A prominent Australian Catholic Church leader, Archbishop Philip Wilson, says that during his rise from junior priest to church administrator, he "knew nothing" about the sexually-abusive behaviour of fellow-priests even though he lived and worked with some of these criminals. Does Wilson's "know-nothing, see-nothing" attitude help us to understand his extraordinary rise to the top of the Australian church hierarchy? (updated 10 June 2010)

Ronald Conway, the church's "hands-on" therapist: For thirty years a prominent Australian Catholic psychologist, Ronald Conway, had a part-time role in assessing and helping trainee priests in the Melbourne seminary. Conway also worked in private practice, and some of his male private patients say that he abused them sexually. These disclosures throw new light upon the church's problem of clergy sexual abuse, as Australian Catholic leaders valued Conway's work in "assessing" and "helping" trainee priests (updated 10 June 2010).

Archbishop Coleridge speaks better late than never: After 36 years in the Catholic ministry, Canberra Archbishop Mark Coleridge has finally confessed that it took "people like me a tragically long time" to see the faces and hear the voices of sexual abuse survivors in the church (posted 24 May 2010).

George Pell and Father Ridsdale: Why did Bishop George Pell accompany Father Gerald Ridsdale to court when Ridsdale was jailed in 1993 for child-sex crimes? (updated 9 May 2010)

The Father Kevin O'Donnell cover-up: This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about Father Kevin O'Donnell, of Melbourne, who was jailed after he admitted sexually abusing children throughout his 50-year career, while his superiors and colleagues looked the other way. In his final years, he received public praise from one of his superiors, Bishop George Pell (updated 9 May 2010).

Cardinal Pell and the Father Goodall case:

This Broken Rites article demonstrates how Cardinal George Pell handled TWO complaints about Father Terence Goodall in Sydney. Pell accepted one complaint (that Goodall sexualised his pastoral relationship with a 10-year-old boy) but excused Goodall for sexualising his pastoral relationship with a teacher who had consulted Goodall for religious advice (updated 7 May 2010).

Archbishop Pell excused a priest's abuse: Archbishop George Pell, who was in charge of the Melbourne Catholic archdiocese from 1996 to 2001, allowed a priest (Father Graham Redfern) to continue in the priesthood after a church investigation found that the priest had sexually abused a teenager while the youth was in a vulnerable state, grieving over his mother's death. The abuse allegedly began after the priest had performed the funeral service of the youth's mother. Evidently Archbishop Pell did not regard this breach of priestly power as serious enough to dismiss a priest (posted 7 May 2010).

Another Melbourne cover-up exposed: This Broken Rites article demonstrates how three Catholic Church leaders in Australia Archbishop Francis Little, Archbishop George Pell and Archbishop Denis Hart allowed a Melbourne priest (Father Barry Robinson) to continue ministering after he admitted having sex with a 16-year-old boy. The hierarchy managed to keep the matter as a secret for ten years (posted 7 May 2010).

The church harboured pedophile Father Kelvin Sharkey for 40+ years: This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about Catholic priest Kelvin Sharkey who was jailed on 29 April 2010 after pleading guilty to one incident of buggery and two incidents of indecent assault (that is, indecent touching) involving an altar boy in Wollongong, New South Wales, beginning in 1969 when the boy was aged ten. Sharkey, now retired from parish appointments, is still listed as a "supplementary priest" of the Wollongong Catholic Diocese (updated 29 April 2010).

Church leaders and the Father McAlinden cover-up: Church authorities in Australia assured a pedophile priest (Father Denis McAlinden) that they would protect his "good" name for the good of the church, according to recently-revealed documents. And a retired New South Wales Police assistant commissioner, John Ure, says that the church's failure to report allegations of a serious crime to the police could in certain circumstances itself amount to an offence. Previous research by Broken Rites has shown that, for fifty years, the church shunted Father McAlinden around Australia and to overseas postings, thereby putting more children at risk in various parishes (updated 28 April 2010).

The Christian Brothers don't sack abusers: The Christian Brothers have admitted that they keep sex-offenders as members, as shown in the Brother Edward Dowlan case. Despite being jailed, he continued to be "Brother" Dowlan. No longer involved so much in the running of schools, the Christian Brothers say they are developing new "outreach ministries" working with hospital patients, prisoners, Aborigines, young people in trouble, the disabled, and missions in Third World countries. These groups include some vulnerable people (updated 26 April 2010).

This diocese sacked only one of its abusers: During the past 14 years, Australia's largest Catholic diocese (Melbourne) has defrocked only ONE of its many sexually-abusive priests, says the Melbourne Age newspaper (22 April 2010). Yes, just one sacking. Why such reluctance? This is like reporting: "A bank caught a hundred employees stealing the bank's money but the bank sacked only one of them; and it let the other 99 thieves keep their bank jobs." Broken Rites Australia wonders if this unlucky defrocked Melbourne priest could be Father Michael Glennon (we are not certain). Broken Rites has researched Glennon and the most comprehensive account available anywhere about Father Glennon is on the Broken Rites website here (updated 23 April 2008).

The Marist Brothers keep Brother Dyson: The Catholic order of Marist Brothers has kept a Brother (Brother John Desmond Dyson) as a member after he was convicted of indecently assaulting vulnerable boys in a Catholic school. The Marist Brothers have continued to list "Brother" John Dyson as being concerned with "the education and welfare of school-aged children" (updated 23 April 2010).

Bishop Mulkearns and the Ryan cover-up: Bishop Ronald Mulkearns, in western Victoria, repeatedly appointed Father Paul David Ryan to parishes, despite Ryan being a child-abuser. One of Ryan's victims committed suicide. The church also turned Ryan loose on victims in the United States (updated 12 April 2010).

A cover-up by Archbishop Little, Melbourne: One of Australia's most prominent Catholic leaders, the late Archbishop Frank Little, covered up complaints about a priest's child-sex crimes, a Melbourne court was told. Despite knowing about Father Wilfred Baker's crimes, Archbishop Little allowed Baker to be transferred to a new parish, thereby enabling this priest to commit more child-sex crimes (updated 12 April 2010).

A cover-up in Western Australia: Broken Rites has researched Father Michael Slattery who was given a church position by Archbishop Barry Hickey, despite the priest having a child-abuse conviction (updated 12 April 2010).

Covering-up the crimes of Marist Brother Murrin: This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about Marist Brother Ross Murrin, who received a second jail sentence in February 2010. There is evidence that Murrin's Marist superiors knew that he was a danger to children but he was retained in the order, thereby putting more boys at risk (updated 12 April 2010).

Another Marist cover-up Brother Carter: Broken Rites has researched Marist Brother Gregory Carter he molested a boy but was later promoted to become a headmaster (updated 12 April 2010).

A cover-up by the De La Salle Brothers: The Catholic order of De La Salle Brothers knew that Brother Ibar (real name Frank Keating) was committing sexual crimes against his pupils but it allowed him to continue offending for many years more, according to statements made in court (updated 12 April 2010).

Covering up in Newcastle, NSW: In 2009, Father Thomas Brennan (vicar-general, or deputy, for the bishop of the Maitland-Newcastle) was convicted of having made a false written statement to police. In a 1998 statement, Brennan told police that he "could not remember" receiving a series of child sex-abuse complaints (about another priest) while Brennan was the headmaster of a Catholic boys' secondary school in the 1970s. The staff at the school included Father John Sidney Denham, who has since been convicted for child-sex offences (updated 11 April 2010).

The Monsignor Day cover-up: Monsignor John Day, a senior Catholic priest in western Victoria, was about to be charged by police for sexual assaults of boys and girls but was protected by the church authorities and by influential lay people (updated 11 April 2010).

The Father Klep cover-up: This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about how the Catholic Church authorities protected Father Frank Klep, despite his criminal conviction (updated 11 April 2010)

Cover-up at St Patrick's College, Goulburn: The Christian Brothers managed to cover up a court case in 1989 in which a Christian Brother was convicted for sexually abusing a boy at St Patrick's College, Goulburn (this was then a boys-only boarding school). In 2010 the offender is still a Brother, and has been given an administrative position with the Christian Brothers (updated 11 April 2010).

The Father Searson cover-up: For years, the Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese knew that Father Peter Searson was sexually harassing boys, girls and women but he was kept in the ministry (including as a "chaplain" to the very vulnerable blind and deaf communities). Finally, when his record was about to become public, the archdiocese dumped Searson (updated 11 April 2010).

An "Anglican-Catholic" cover-up: An Anglican priest, Wilfred Edwin Dennis, was jailed in 1970 for sexually abusing an altar boy. He continued as an Anglican priest but later left the mainstream Anglican Church to join a breakaway group, called the "Anglican Catholic Church". In April 2010 he was jailed again for assaulting two other boys (updated 8 April 2010).

Coswello: Christian Brother John Francis Coswello has been granted a re-trial on child-sex charges, concerning alleged incidents at St Vincents' boys' orphanage, South Melbourne (updated 5 March 2010).

Fuller: This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about Sydney Catholic priest Robert Fuller, who was jailed on 24 February 2010 after he admitted seeking a 13-year-old girl, through the internet, for sexual purposes (updated 24 February 2010).

Christian Brother Houston: In 1963-71 Christian Brother William Houston worked at St Augustine's orphanage, Geelong, Victoria. On 12 February 2010 he appeared in the Geelong Magistrates Court, charged with committing offences (including buggery and indecent assault) against two boys at St Augustine's in the 1960s. The court proceedings will resume during 2010. Prosecutors will also proceed with some previously-laid charges, alleging that Brother Houston assaulted a third boy (called Mr F***** in this Broken Rites article) (updated 18 February 2010).

Marist Brother Malcolm Hall: Today, fifty years after being sexually abused by Marist Brother Malcolm Hall in the late 1950s and early 1960s, a number of Australian men and women are still feeling hurt by his offences and by the cover-up (posted 6 February 2010).

Lyne: Why did Father Daniel Lyne vanish from the Catholic priesthood? (Posted 4 February 2010.)

Patrician Brother Grealy: This Catholic Brother, Augustine Grealy, covered the Virgin Mary's statue with a coat while he molested pupils (posted 9 January 2010).

Altar boy #1 AND Altar boy #2: The Catholic Church in Australia has accepted and settled a complaint from a former altar boy (Damian) and a separate complaint from another altar boy (Daniel). The boys, who did not know each other, encountered the same priest (separately) when they were aged 12. The lives of both boys deteriorated, ending in death when they were aged 28 (updated 5 November 2009).

Penn Jones: In 1994 Broken Rites began researching the "Very Reverend" Monsignor Penn Jones. Ten years later the Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese was forced to apologise to the monsignor's victims, and more complaints have surfaced in 2009 (the first version of this Broken Rites article was written in 1995; last updated 15 October 2009).

ANGLICAN case: Broken Rites has researched one of Australia's most prominent Anglican priests Father James Stirling Murray who managed to survive complaints about him committing sex offences on vulnerable boys (posted 2 October 2009).

Marist Brother Bertinus: The Marist Brothers administration in Australia has apologised to two ex-pupils (Eoin and John) who encountered a senior Marist principal, Brother Bertinus, in Catholic boarding schools many years ago (posted 1 October 2009).

Marist Brother McNamara: Broken Rites Australia is continuing its research about Marist Brother Gerard Joseph McNamara, who was convicted in 2005 after he pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting boys at one of the schools where he taught in the 1970s. Here is the Broken Rites court story from 2005 (updated 11 September 2009).

De La Salle: Broken Rites Australia has researched Brother Fintan Dwyer, who had a reputation in De La Salle schools for indecently and invasively touching boys' genitals. One of his victims was a pupil who later became a priest. Fintan Dwyer is not to be confused with another Brother named Finian (updated 11 September 2009).

Whelan: Catholic priest Father James Barry Whelan exploited a vulnerable woman, the woman's barrister alleged in an Australian court (posted 11 August 2009).

Pavlou: Broken Rites has researched the story of Father Paul Pavlou (a priest of the Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese) who has admitted committing child-sex crimes (updated 10 August 2009).

Pidoto This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available anywhere about Father Terrence Melville Pidoto, who targeted boys for 25 years while church leaders looked the other way. On 27 July 2009, the Victorian Court of Appeal refused to grant leave for Pidoto to appeal against his conviction (updated 4 August 2009).

Wise A South Australian court has ruled that an elderly former Christian Brother, Francis Lambert Wise, was medically unfit to stand trial on charges of child sexual abuse. However, a judge held hearings in early 2009 to receive the complaints, thereby giving the victims an opportunity to have their evidence aired in court (updated 4 August 2009).

Houston A visiting Catholic priest, Father John Charles Houston, 54, pleaded guilty in court on 28 July 2009 to filming naked boys, without their permission, while they showered. The court ordered him not to loiter near public pools or beaches (updated 1 August 2009).

Fr Rex Brown Broken Rites has researched Father Paul Rex Brown (once a senior priest in the Lismore Catholic diocese, New South Wales) who was convicted in Queensland for possessing child pornography (posted 20 July 2009).

Elmer This is a Broken Rites case-study of Christian Brother Rex Ignatius Elmer, who was jailed for indecently assaulting boys at St Vincent's Boys' Home in South Melbourne (posted 20 July 2009).

Gannon This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about the crimes of prominent Melbourne Catholic priest Father Desmond Gannon, who was sentenced in the Melbourne County Court on 10 June 2009 to another term in jail, after pleading guilty to more offences (updated 26 June 2009).

St Gerard Majella Brothers Broken Rites helped to end a cover-up. The unmasking of the St Gerard Majella religious order (updated 9 June 2009).

Gubbels This is the story of Catholic priest Father Jack Gubbels who was transferred from Melbourne to Queensland, where he died while police were seeking to interview him (posted 9 June 2009).

Farrell At last, the Marist Brothers head office accepts complaints about Marist Brother Stephen Farrell, child abuser, who taught for many years in New South Wales and Queensland (posted 27 April 2009).

Haines This is the full story of Australian Catholic priest John Haines, child-abuser. He entered the priesthood in Papua New Guinea and then transferred to Australia, where he was jailed on child-sex and child-porn charges after he was caught with child porn recorded on his mobile phone (updated 27 April 2009).

Evans This is the most comprehensive article available anywhere about Father Paul Raymond Evans. The church protected Evans but in April 2009 his victims forced the church to apologise (updated and expanded 20 Apri1 2009, with the full text of the church's apology).

Tector In 1994, Darren John Tector was jailed for sexual offences against boys while he was a teacher at a Catholic primary school (Our Lady of Lourdes) at Seven Hills, near Parramatta, west of Sydney. He was jailed again in 2007 (aged 41) for using the internet and a telephone to procure a child (a 12-year-old boy) for sexual activity (posted 13 March 2009).

Fox Father Julian Fox, an Australian-born priest of the Salesians of Don Bosco religious order, now travels the world, conducting seminars for Salesian schools but not in Australia (posted 1 March 2009).

Reis Two female victims eventually contacted the police after the Catholic Church allowed an abusive priest to continue working with young people, a court has been told. Father Michael Francis Reis, 66 (a member of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart religious order), was jailed in Brisbane for offences against two young girls in the 1980s and 1990s (updated 1 March 2009).

Murray After Father Magnus William Murray ("Max" Murray) committed child-sex offences in New Zealand, he was transferred to Australia, where he was allowed to minister in a Sydney parish. He later returned to New Zealand, where he was jailed in 2003 after pleading guilty to sexual offences against four of his New Zealand victims (posted 1 March 2009).

Best This is the background of Christian Brother Robert Charles Best, who taught in Catholic schools in Ballarat East, Melbourne and Geelong in the 1970s and 1980s. He was convicted in the Melbourne County Court in 1996 (updated 22 February 2009).

Boyd Father Glenn Boyd left the ministry of the Wagga Wagga Catholic Diocese (in southern New South Wales) following queries about his youth work (posted 12 February 2009).

Towards Healing The Catholic Church is privately reviewing its "Towards Healing" process for church sex-abuse victims in Australia but the church has not sent out any circular, announcing this review, to victims who have been through the "Towards Healing" process. Any submissions had to be made before 15 January 2009 to Professor Patrick Parkinson, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney, Sydney NSW 2006 (this article was updated on 4 January 2009).

Creen Father Neville Joseph Creen repeatedly molested young girls while he was ministering in a parish in north-west Queensland, according to Creen's guilty plea in court (updated 3 January 2009).

Sutton Marist Brother Gregory Sutton fled from Australia to the United States but was eventually extradited back to Australia, where he was jailed (posted 3 December 2008).

Cusack The Catholic Church has admitted that a "highly respected" priest, Father Patrick Cusack, sexually molested primary school girls in the Canberra-Goulburn archdiocese during many years (posted 15 November 2008).

Brother Down Christian Brother Graeme James Down (alias Brother "David" Down) molested school boys in Western Australia in the 1980s and was jailed in 2007. Then more victims came forward, resulting in more jail in 2008 (posted 11 November 2008).

Hourigan A Victorian Catholic priest, Father Daniel Hourgian, died three days after police charged him with sexual offences against a boy (posted 22 September 2008).

Eames A Melbourne priest, Father Anthony Eames, was finally convicted after committing offences against young girls for many years (posted 22 September 2008).

Mackie Police in Newcastle, New South Wales, began investigating allegations that a Catholic priest (Fr Gerard Mackie) showed an explicit image to seven-year-old children at a government school during a "religious education" lesson (posted 15 September 2008).

Coffey West Victorian Catholic priest Father Bryan Desmond Coffey was indecently touching young children soon after taking his vows of celibacy, a court has been told (updated 6 August 2008).

Howard Former pupils of Christian Brother Maurice Howard have not forgotten his activities at Catholic boys' schools in Victoria (posted 3 August 2008).

Kostka A Catholic boys' college in Canberra allowed Marist Brother Kostka Chute to continue working with boys even after the school learned that he was molesting students, a court has been told (updated 27 June 2008, after Kostka was jailed).

McKeirnan The Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane harboured a sex-abuse priest, Father Ronald McKeirnan, for 30 years after it first learned that he was committing criminal offences against children. And it put him in charge of sex eduction for all Brisbane Catholic schools (updated 29 June 2008).

Donovan In May 2008 the Catholic Church's Professional Standards Office in New South Wales "accepted the veracity" of two complaints about Father Francis Donovan, a priest of the Redemptorist Fathers religious order. Two women, acting separately, had complained that Fr Frank Donovan molested them when they were young girls in the late 1970s in Maitland (posted 7 June 2008).

Marist Brothers Catholic Church lawyers claim that religious orders do not owe a duty of care to protect pupils from sexually-abusive religious Brothers, because (unlike lay teachers who are employed on salaries) the Brothers are not, technically, "employees" (posted 5 June 2008).

D'Cruz A Catholic priest, Father Adelrick D'Cruz, 78, pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court at Shepparton on 22 May 2008 to indecently assaulting a schoolgirl who came to his parish house for help (updated 1 June 2008).

Toomey A Christian Brother, Peter John Toomey, molested students in public in their classroom (posted 27 April 2008)

Goldsmith Former trainee priest Paul Ronald Goldsmith jailed he held "prayer meetings" for his victims (updated 19 April 2008).

Fr Paul McLachlan The Catholic Church had a child-abuser, Father Paul McLachlan, as its spokesman in Queensland (posted 12 April 2008).

Van Klooster This priest abused young people in two Australian states and he had pornography on his computer, filed under 'Parish Business' (updated 4 April 2008, with a footnote containing new information).

Connolly A Tasmanian priest, Father Paul Anthony Connolly, who was in charge of preparing future priests, pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a child (updated 4 April 2008).

Brother Norbert The case of Marist Brother Norbert Mathieson demonstrates how church sex-abuse can continue affecting the victims and their families for many decades after the abuse (updated 4 April 2008).

De La Salle The De La Salle religious order has apologised to an ex-pupil who complained about Brother Wilfred De Cruz (updated 15 March 2008).

Vincent Kiss This is the full story of Father Vincent Kiss, who admitted that he committed sexual crimes on boys while he was working as the Director of Youth for his diocese. (updated 15 March 2008).

Bellemore Victms of Father Roger Michael Bellemore succeed in publicly revealing this priest's crimes, despite an attempt by church lawyers to stop them. This case demonstrates how church victims can triumph over a powerful institution through determination and persistence (updated 1 March 2008).

Christian Brothers This article, written for the Broken Rites website by a victim of the Christian Brothers, gives a victim's view of Catholic Church sex-abuse in Australia. (posted 9 February 2008)

Daly The Sydney Catholic hierarchy allowed a troublesome priest to roam free and one victim later committed suicide (posted 9 February 2008)

Monsignor Murray Monsignor James Murray pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a vulnerable woman but the church re-instated him (posted 9 February 2008)

Ferguson Victims of this priest were intimidated into silence but now they obtain justice after 36 years. Father Gregory Laurence Ferguson, of the Marist Fathers, who was jailed on 15 May 2007 for offences against two boys aged 13 at a Tasmanian boarding school, was given an additional jail sentence on 13 December 2007 for offences against a third boy (updated 14th December 2007)

Hughes Hospital chaplains can be a health hazard, a woman patient says (29th September 2007)

Bongiorno Father Anthony Bongiorno talked about an 'old Spanish custom' priests sexually abusing boys (updated 29th September 2007)

Father Howarth A young female victim defeats the church's lawyers, with help from Broken Rites (updated 18th August 2007)

Fr Ray Deal This priest (an Archbishop's secretary) pleaded guilty (last updated 18th August 2007)

Blackfriars School It is never too late to tell the police, these victims say (last updated 2nd August 2007)

Father David Daniel The church ordained a child-abuser and knowingly retained him in the ministry (last updated 2nd August 2007)

St Catherines Priest was removed from working in a girls' orphanage after complaints about abuse (last updated 6th July 2007)

Fitzmaurice The church apologises for what this priest did at a girls' school (last updated 6th July 2007)

Father O'Callaghan Complaints about a priest who was involved in a church youth movement (last updated 6th July 2007)

Stockdale This 'traditionalist' priest was found dead in a sex cubicle in a men-only club (last updated 24th May 2007)

Christian Brothers Sex abuse at two Christian Brothers orphanages in Victoria -- St Augustine's and St Vincent's (last updated 24th May 2007)

Coffey The Marist Brothers appointed a child abuser as a school principal (last updated 24th May 2007)

Carroll Two female victims force the Catholic Church to apologise -- with help from Broken Rites (last updated 25th January 2007)

Mulvale / Shaw A convicted priest changes his surname: How Father Mulvale became Mr Shaw (last updated 12th January 2007)

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